I’m wondering if/how you guys utilize contracts? If you do, how so? I’m in still in the start up phase, and am going to get insurance and what not but beyond that, do you use a contract to cover things such as: scope of service(your dos and donts), last minute rescheduling(not due to weather), or anythings else.

have never used a contract. not saying i won’t ever.

We use contracts for large scale or large value clients. But that is really only a fraction of our work. We do have a scope of work section called out in our contract, along with terms about scheduling. Should a cancellation be made within a certain number of days from scheduled work start date, a fee based on a percentage of the contract value is due from the client.


Don’t any of you use contracts to fight off the bobs? Or do you just consider losing work to cheaper competitors part of business

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The gentleman i am learning the WC business from strongly recommends against contracts as it is easy to get tangled
He says hand shake and keep your word

No contracts for residential, but I do take a scheduling deposit. $100 for small jobs, 20-30% for larger jobs.