I’ve been focusing on getting all my current and new clients on contract the past few months. My current clients have no problem hopping on contract because they trust me, but the new clients are 50/50 On whether or not they’ll get on contract and I end up losing their business.

What do you guys do to get people on contract? It seems that anytime I say the word people go into panic mode…

Any feed back would be great

No need to lock them in, especially if they “panic” at the thought of it. Just set up a “next clean” that either you or they can cancel. Keep filling your schedule around planned dates and the week before confirm you are still on. If they say no then fill that spot!


Thanks man!


This is a nice idea. When you set your next clean, do you do so by reaching out in spring and fall, postcard, call/text, or after service?

Thanks for your insight.

What if instead of using the word “contract” you used “12-month Price Guarantee”? The language of the contract could still be the same, but you are presenting it to the customer like it’s for their benefit, while still getting what you want.

I cal them 3 or 6 months later, whatever their preference is and try to book for next available date. Some just know they want it done and go ahead and schedule right away. I always double check the week before because like all of us, things can change on our schedule in 3 or 6 months.