Control bars, but better

One day, I was looking at the Gardiner control bars, and it got me thinking- though they are a great idea, they still don’t solve my biggest issue with extended WFP use. The uneven strain on my back. Even if I switch sides frequently, I still have issues with that.

So here’s my idea: Imagine something like a set of wheel barrow handles that meet in the middle in front of you, with a socket for the base of your WFP to fit in/on. This would allow even use of both arms and alleviate uneven back strain. Of course, it might seem like lifting off the glass would be a problem, but not really if you simply put it down and switch your grip. For high height, or rinse on glass applications, I feel like this would be incredible.

Thoughts? Has someone has already even tried something like this? Before I build it, I’d love some input.

Watch this. You can build your own. He has another video about some of the parts, and the comments have some more info. Water Fed Pole Balancer Pack - YouTube

Your Idea isn’t as safe I think because you would have three issues if I understand you. One would be only one anchor point, which would be harder to control and is more likely to fall over at height. Two would be the wheel could slip and it would fall. Three would be moving it around from window to window may actually take more energy.

You bringing this up reminded me I need to build the backpack to make life easier!


I’m with you, I’ll clarify a bit. No wheel would be involved. Just a handle set. Here’s a crappy picture to give you the idea.

A backpack could even be part of the rig, it would still even out the load across both sides of your back, if that makes sense

Know there a couple devices that are out there and they do the one in the video

Relying on spring loaded type pulleys that are attached to an L shape arm over the operator.

But it become impractical having to wear it,

So the L shaped crane like arm can be used.

So been looking a solution so to make it more compact /lighter an easier to put on belt around your waist.

Without the pulleys and L shaped arm over the operators head

So the red is the handles? Looks like it would be a wicked strain on the wrists, specially if you’re gonna swivel the brush. And then to scrub up and down you’re pushing both arms straight out and back.

To even out the strain I just switch sides often, like from one window to the next.

How about a shoulder harness that goes down to a holster of sorts like for a flag bearer in a parade.? :slight_smile:

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So… a steady-cam operator’s kit for WFP?

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Could ask why you concentrating on putting devices onto the pole it self??