Cool TDS Map

After a little poking around I found this online, very cool little tool!

Total Dissolved Solids

Useful for figuring out how much you want to rely on your WFP on a job due to cost effectiveness. I’m very happy to find that the TDS in my town is only 80 :slight_smile: 2 towns over though, its 640. I’m starting to see a direct correlation between tax revenue / income and TDS from town to town.

That is cool, thaks for sharing.

Wasn’t Jack Nelson working on putting one together? This is great, it’s all there and interactive.
Unless the water is naturally low to begin with you can seen how water co’s will just try to get it under the 500 max allowable posted there

were at 460, no wonder I only get 440 gallons out of a 1.5 tank.

very cool. mine was right at 200 just what my tds meter says

I hope this thing is accurate. I’m getting a low of 7 and a high of 71. That would be sweet if it were true. I’ll have to get a meter soon and test it.

speaking of tds meters, i can’t find mine. Might just have to buy another one.

Awesome site, btw. Thanks!

Cool. As I suspected it really low around here. DI must last forever around here.

Thats pretty interesting. Pretty accurate for my area, I would be interested in hearing others responses…

The lowest TDS I could find in my area is 6 in the Bronx. NYC in general is pretty low, which suprises me because NYC tap water tastes like death and chemicals.

Bruce, Im right at about 460 too, how many 2500 sq ft houses would you say you can get out of 440 gallons?

Well, I’m not in the field that much, but the truck that has the permanent set up, he replaces his tank every 1-2 weeks, but that’s a mix of jobs.

Sometimes you can be working for a long time yet only use 50 gallons. Some comml bldgs barely use 90.
flow and how much it is on or off thru the job can throw you off on how much you think you’re using

unless you know it’s gonna die in 50 gallons, then watch that wiz by in no time, like being out in the rurals with a 1/4 tank of gas that suddenly dissapears

1 minute per window x 1/2 gallon per minute x 20-ish windows in a 2500 sqft home = 44 homes

wow thats quite a bit…

does anyone know how many gallons you could get out of an ez pure at an average tds of 350-450?

I would like to know that to. We are between 350 and 530 in our area.

That website seems fairly accurate.

That website is by Zero Water. Does anybody know how that works? Culligan uses salt, and Art Bell used to have a sponsor who magnetized the pipes or something. What is Zero Waters method?
Just curious,

Wow I forgot all about that. It’s been years since he left but I remember him hawking that system on his show. Now I’ll have to try and look it up.