Correction on Todays Charleston Cleaning Conference Email

In the email that was sent out this morning regarding the upcoming Charleston Cleaning Conference there was mention that it was in Charlotte SC. This is a misprint and the event is in fact being held in [B]Charleston South Carolina[/B].
We apologize for the confusion but all of the links to register and read more about the event are correct, so start registering now, there’s only a few weeks left!

Dang, I was looking forward to going to Charlotte, SC! :wink:

No wonder Travelocity called me a dumb***!

Travelocity is just rude like that to everybody, Lllarry.

Larry, are you and Geri coming to Charleston?


Wait Larry I got this one… "poor Yorick, I knew him Hor****.

Wow; I guess Super Moderator really does trump Moderator.

Just wait Thad, just wait.

And then we found out what trumps Super Moderator and I got demoted.