Cost of wages

questions for operators of multi crew operations:
what is your cost of wages as a percent of gross sales?
does that include admin staff or just cleaning staff?
@dgalkin @Chris anyone else?

About 40% for Technicians. 5-10% for office/admin.

This is “all in” which includes wages, holidays, worker’s comp, and so on. This will vary depending on your State. In PA I pay about 6% for Technicians worker’s comp. Some states are as high as 40% for worker’s comp.

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thanks, that’s very helpful.

Our payroll runs between 55-60% of sales normally. That is wages, payroll taxes, work comp, & owner salary. We ran 7 people on payroll last year regularly. Looks to be about 4 this year… hopefully :expressionless:

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45% Average pay is $23/Hr. Add on taxes insurance and benefits and that’s about $35/hr. We try to bill at $75/hr.

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with just field wages, all operations ideally will be no higher than 50% wages, payroll burden, any benefits, PTO, work comp, anything truck/vehicles (gas repairs/maint) and all operations supplies and equip