Craigslist Auto Poster

The other night on WCR nightly meet up Kurt I think it was mentioned using an Auto Poster for Craigslist. Was wondering if anyone had that link or if someone here uses an auto poster they would recommend.

I’ve never used one. Sorry

What’s Craigslist?

auto posters do not work.
Craigslist actually took the auto posters to court and banned them.
craigslist is smart like google is, they will know if you are using one and flag your post.

craigslist posting is all based on email address, ip address,location and on most ads you have to phone verify also known as (pva).

save your money and do not buy any bogus software that promises you to auto post.

should you go the auto posting software route, you will need to get a proxy server, they are not cheap.

As stated CL does not allow autoposting. But you can create an account with them and list all your posts under the “my account” section. Once you have your list you can repost without having to rewrite the whole thing. But you will have to verfiy the “recaptcha”.

Auto poster is not what I meant. Or any type of software. Those types of software are a waste of time and money imo. Sorry for the confusion. But Kurt answered the question through PM.

It’s a service that post to craigslist for you. Not a gazillion like those spammy software programs do.