Crazy CCU stair cases

These are two unique staircases that are part of CCU’s we’re working on. ironic that they are both on the schedule at the same time.
The first is a glass-paneled three story spiral stair case. all the glass is on a radius.

The next one is a “floating staircase”

How’d they turn out, Caleb?

They both turned out great. the builders were blown away on the spiral one. that was a real challenge because about a foot of the inner surface glass was blocked by the steel frame of the stairs. there was only a 3/4" gap. i ended up using an 18" channel with a microfiber wrapped around it as a sort of wand to get down in there and buff it all clean.

the floating stair was a drag too. similar situation, where each tread came to within a 1/2" of the glass panels. the treads are walnut, with a dark stain that (of course) the floor guys got all over the glass. so it really sucked trying to get the stain off in that little space between stair and glass. but it came out good