Crazy First Day

So I have been working on starting a Window Cleaning business over the last month or so. Building up supplies and practicing on friends houses. Setup a website, Google My Business Listing, phone number and such. Watched every video under the sun and read a lot on here. Also got a lot of ideas and inspiration from Sweaty Startup, which I suggest any newbies take a look at (no affiliation).

I currently have a full time job as a Business Analyst, however its a contract job, so it will come to an end in about 6 months. So I figured I would get these things going and maybe pick up an odd job here and there, and ramp it up to replace my full time job.

Yesterday I got a phone call. Someone wants a residential and commercial job done. Went out to do a quote this morning, total of $1500, hopefully that goes through. When I got home from the quote, I got a message from my website from a residential cleaning company wanting a job done today!

Just got back from that job which turned out to be a construction cleanup job, which I wasn’t expecting for my first job. It went well, as it wasn’t too bad, mainly brick dust.

So yeah, just want to say thanks to everyone on here for all the useful information. I have a feeling it was a fluke and won’t be as busy going forward (which I honestly was planning since I have another job). But I am excited to get things going.


Certain periods of the year it is hard to tell. I just came off one of my worst summers in 4 years, (I always get hit with slow summer months), but this month is making up for it! I’l just have to set aside a few more dollars through the year to get ready for next summers slow down. Keep your chin up and always be chasing the next job.


Great attitude! Money isn’t bad either.