Creating a Blog worth it for SEO?

Creating and keeping blogs up to date and regular is a lot of work. Do you include such a thing on your website?

Brian Harris

10 years ago, yes. Its not worth it for local SEO anymore.

There is so many opinions about the subject online that suggest it is beneficial. Those of our direct competitors do blogs and they rank higher than us.

Thus the reason for the question.

You’d probably be better doing instagram

For SEO purposes, blogs used to give you a lot of juice if you were using relevant keyword strings. It didn’t matter whether or not the blog was even relevant or written in proper sentences as long as those keywords were in there.

Over time, the algorithm got better at reading and detecting spam. Now, the best practice for blogging is to write fresh, engaging content that a user will actually stick around and read. I’ve noticed that almost all service industry blog posts are the same rehashed “why you should hire a XXXXX” or “how to keep your windows cleaned in XXXX, XXX” crap over and over and over again.

If you have something proper, fresh and interesting to say, blog it! If you’re just looking to take up space on your server, don’t bother.

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