Cubicle Glass

I am being offered an office building with 300 cubicles each having 4 - 6 panes of glass. They want the glass cleaned every 3 months. I do typical residential, storefronts, and single-story commercial properties, but I’ve never done anything like this.

How would you clean these? Scrubber and squeegee or window cleaner and rags? And, how would you bid them?

I would probably price them a few bucks a pop, depending on obstacles and such. Maybe ask the property manager to inform the office when you are coming and have employees move obstructions out of the way? (I know that’s not what your asking, but something I just thought of)

I don’t have experience cleaning them, but I assume they should be relatively simple. I’d still use scrubber and squeegee if you want to be quick and do the best job you can. Looks like they won’t have much detailing. Maybe use less water (spray bottle with some soap and water in it?) I doubt they get that dirty since they are all inside. Mostly dust and fingerprints, I’d assume.

I’ve never priced these things and I haven’t started my business yet, just a couple of years working as a tech. So take it with a grain of salt.

I do an office once a year with cubicles and use squeegee and scrubber, just less water than other windows and lay down large towels as it makes it more convenient with computers and papers to avoid getting wet. I ask the office manager to inform everyone I will be there so they can remove taped on notes and such or I won’t clean that glass. Most the time they do that, other times they don’t and the job goes faster - no reduction in price.

Spray Away and Micro Fiber Cloths.
No fuss no muss, easy-peasy. $1.50 a pane.


Thanks for the input fellas. I was thinking of charging less than my going rate, but after reading your suggestions and rationalizing that they are a successful biotech company, I decided to keep my pricing where it is. I was informed yesterday that I got the contract.

This should be a fairly nice gig. They currently have 38 office with glass walls that I will be doing, as well as 300 cubicles with these small panes of glass on the top. However, they also have other buildings and are expanding the glass offices and cubicles. They are contracting me to do all of this interior glass between 3 and 4 times per year. This is a great addition to my current portfolio, since I am in the snowbelt and deal with cold and snow 5 months out of the year, and the contract does not include any of the actual windows in any of the buildings, althought they told me I could bid on those too. For not I’m holding off since we are headed into winter. Maybe next year.


Good job Shannon. Hope business continues to grow.

Thanks Rich. Sept 1, 2020 is the goal! :wink:

I did the post-construction glass cleaning in this office yesterday and thought I would show some of the photos. In the phase, I was hired to do the office glass only, not the cubicle glass. It was a total of 86 panes inside and out. Some were as small as 6"x10’, others were as large as 6’x10’. It took me just over 4 hours and the cleaning contractor that is subbing this work to me was very happy with the results.

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