Curious George

I posted this pic on another forum a while back but thought it was too cute. So I’m posting it here too. I saw this at our local Target last year and hung it in my sons room.

Wow, It just hit me that I remember reading that book as a child. It’s from the book ‘Curious George Takes A Job’. He escapes from the zoo and decides to be a window cleaner.

Hey, if it’s good enough for George… :slight_smile:

Thats a funny pic. Good Find!

Thanks for the pic Seth, I’ve been looking for an avatar that accurately describes some of my employees, Lol! Some days I feel like George!

Like the old saying, “Some days you’re the monkey, some days you’re the fragrance-testing laboratory.”

Thanks for the flashback to my childhood Seth. I had all but forgot this book and the picture. :smiley:

Forget about this book, how can you forget about this book, oh wait, that right I have 5 kids, the youngest is 4years . i thought everybody still reads those books everyday.