Custom Foam Glass Cleaner

. They just don’t advertise for it. I got the following quote from them a few months ago.

[COLOR=“purple”]6 cs-Paper label-cost $35.00/dz. plus frt.
18 cs-screen print label-cost 33/dz plus frt.
25 cs-screen print-cost 31/dz plus frt.
40 cs-screen print-cost 31/dz-free freight.
And there is a one-time $30 setup fee for the silkscreen, but no fee for the paper labels.[/COLOR]

Email Michael Horner

CR Lawrence does this as well but costly
60 case min.
sprayway s50 $1833.00
Label setup $100
includes shipping within the usa

Okay, back to this issue. I am working out some numbers right now with a company. Looks like we could do a paper label, with your company info printed on it. It is a 19 oz foaming aerosol glass cleaner, real nice fragrance. We would most likely do a 4 case minimum (12 cans per case) for $35/case plus freight. Anyone interested? Once we see if there is much interest, I can send out some samples to some of you folks for testing, and feedback. You can post here, pm, or email me. Thanks

Chris & Alex - if this is an item you are planning on sourcing, just let me know. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. I know you guys are busy with the new site and all. Otherwise, we could work out something together, just let me know. Thanks


did you every come up with a company for private labeling on spray foam for cleaning windows

[MENTION=2273]Dormatex[/MENTION] did you ever get enough people for this? Im interested if there are others…

I am interested in this. Did you ever get it going?

Wow…now here’s an old post. Anyhow - after I crunched the numbers it just didn’t work out all that great - mainly shipping costs were a large factor.

C R Lawrence acquired high sheen glass cleaner when they bought out somaca several years ago. High sheen does work better than spray way IMHO. I use it to remove window film.

A formula that works very well to wipe windows clean without any streaks is Pure water and Ecover. If you produce pure water at home yourself then you would only need to buy the bottles and labels.