Custom Foam Glass Cleaner

I was wondering if anyone uses foam glass cleaner. I am looking to order some and have my company info printed on it. The idea would be to give it away to residential customers as a reminder to call us back. The company I worked for did this and people loved the cleaner, used it often and therefore had the company name always in their face. Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be awesome.

I’d love to get some of that info, will gladly invest in some of that, obviously depending on the cleaner’s quality.

Please share if you don’t mind.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Have you seen the Mr. Sanchez episode #8 video on French windows with the foam glass cleaner yet?[/FONT][/COLOR]

I use Foam Cleaner. a lot.
Check the Sanchez Vids…

I did a search on the forums didnt find anything, ill check his video out.

This is exactly what we do. Or if we have a customer that has french doors we leave it behind as well. We have it labeled with our name on it.

MIke who do you have make up your foam cleaner, with your name on it?

Mike, do you mind sharing where are you getting it and what’s their minimum quantity ?

thanks man
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Still interested in that info Mike if you don’t mind sharing.
I’d even take blank containers and I’ll take care of my own labeling since I bought some equipment since then.

I use the same exact foam cleaner that Mr. Sanchez and Uncle Phil are using in the vid. It really is an awesome cleaner and a big time saver. No prescrubbing involved, just spray on and squeegee off, awesome stuff.

Where do you get it from B?

I would be interested in getting some feedback from you folks on the forum as far as how many of you might be interested in a product/application like this? I have a lot of experience in sourcing items like this…perhaps we could label it some generic name, but then add your custom company info too. It would be fairly straightforward granted we don’t need any upc/barcodes things of that nature. You can post here, email, or pm me. Include any other useful info such as order volume, price range, name brands, or supply houses currently offering these products. I think this is a great idea…

Im in! Just let me know what i need to do. I ask Chris about this same subject awhile ago after seeing Mr. Sanches’s video and he said that he thinks the cooker company does it but I didnt see anything about it. I didnt do much resurch though.

Sending you a PM Tony

I don’t know what the big secret is, there are dozens of companies that will private label products for you.

Here’s one Private Label - Glass Cleaner

By the way, this idea is not new, Fish does this but sells the product so the customer is buying the advertising. :wink: pretty smart if you ask me.

Here’s another

So where in hell do you actually buy the spray itself from, will someone list the site or give us information so we can do a little more research and if interested buy the spray ourselves… whats the point of the video if he doesnt tell us where to get the bloody thing.

I believe this is the stuff Phil used in his video.
Sprayway Glass Cleaner, 19 Oz., Case of 12 - SW050R at The Home Depot

I don’t think there is any big secret, just difficult to find the right program. The right cleaner, the right price, descent order minimums. I don’t know how many window cleaning companies could afford 60 - 100+ cases of foam glass cleaner. I am looking into a company now who we might be using to private label another item for us. I was thinking we could get a generic label applied to the cleaner, and then make custom labels that every wc could apply themselves. I think more people would be interested say at the 5 - 10 case level…but we will see.

allright guy’s simmer down, here’s the info.

This is what they used to advertise. Not sure if the price is still the same.

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I checked out the Colker website, but they didn’t list anything about the private label foam glass cleaner. I will try and get ahold of them later this week. I am trying to see if there is any renewed interest at this point, as I am in talks with a company about it right now. Let me know. Thanks