Custom WFP system

Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you have made your own WFP system. I would like to make my own that’s just as good as the xero pure Jr and the same size or smaller.


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Just buy the Xero JR, don’t even waste your brain power trying to build something.

Here is thye system I made, finally got it all put together as a single unit.
Total cost was about $1350 AUD so you guys could probably do it cheaper.


Here’s the system that I’ve been using for 7 years…


I thought MY local water was clean at 113! lol
60PPM is awesome!

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Ya, I love that area out there with amazing water! :drooling_face:

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my water is over 150PPM, been DI only since 2014, I estimate I will save over $600 per year now

I built this one a few months ago and im willing to sell it for $1200. It weighs about 77 pounds when full of water. Which is not bad compared to the zero pure which weighs 70 pounds. It brings extra carbon and resin filters and includes almost new RO membrane.
Email me if interested.

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Your links are all jacked up ( at least on MY end)

It says that they are still uploading.

Looks like you hit post before the files had uploaded, you will have to repost and wait until you see the pics until you press the reply button.

Oh ok! Thanks for letting me know. Here are the pictures again.


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lol. Its 9p.m. Im only in “work mode” for so long…