Customer blaming me for basement flooding

I did gutter cleaning on a house and when I left all the gutters were empty and the downspouts were clear as far as I could tell. I used a leaf blower on each downspout. The customer is claiming that since I didn’t flush the downspouts with water I am to blame for the flooding the basement that happened after a big rain. I cleaned the gutters 2 weeks ago. He wants to speak to my insurance company. Is this my fault? What can I do?

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Have you gone out to see what happend ? That’s what I would go do first .


This is a big deal, you must drop everything and look at it first.

A leaf blower doesn’t do much for a clogged gutter. Dump water down and watch for it to come out. Of you did leave one clogged you arnt responsible for damages either.

Homeowner has no basis to directly talk to your insurance. They also have no idea if a clogged downspout caused a backup and excessive water to flood house.

You dont know if this was a reoccurring issue for the ho.eowner and you are being blamed.

I would meet with customer, double check downspouts just to see if a clog is present.
That alone could help you.


‘Drop a penny/save a dollar.’

Water will run thru a clogged downspout.
But a coin wont.

Until you hear/see the penny come out… something isnt right.

Then explain/joke about the process (penny spent)… by saying “You’re worth it!” (and lol)


So hold on a second !!

I don’t do gutters , so am I miss ing something?

You went to do a gutter cleani out , an after you cleaned them thrrr was a rain storm an he got flooded ?

What happened to the 10-20 rain storms before you cleaned them out ?

Always someone looking to get free stuff. Tell them back if the line. 10 thousand coming


Re iterate the task that you performed, if the gutter clean was not successful, the likely event would be water into the ceiling space, not the basement. this sounds more of a plumbing issue than a gutter cleaning gone wrong.

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This is laughable if this customer thinks or is planning to convince any insurance company that clean gutters caused his basement to flood.By all means call out to witness his bullshit.Is this person a fairly regular customer??


It’s not funny, but it is. They are blaming you for flooding the basement? IF the gutter downspouts were plugged, it could have run back into the ceiling and leaked that way. Not flood a basement.

After your show them they are wrong, you make SURE you NEVER service these people again. If you do, you’d be a fool. It might be help to bring a contractor you trust to look over the situation as well. It would be worth paying them for their opinion on the situation.


I emailed him back that I would like to come by and check to see what happened. This was his reply

What should I reply?

He’s a joke bro dont give him anything and if he presses any further advise with a lawyer and tell him to contact your lawyer from now on. If you give him your insurance info youre basically admitting your at fault, trust me ive been down a similar road and paying a lawyer a couple hundred bucks got rid of the issue fast.


I’d highly suggest you completely cease all communication. It is up to him to pursue the matter with legal action if he so wishes. I doubt he will.

As others have suggested, he’s probably just trying to get a free ride. And people wonder why our insurance system as a whole is so expensive… Can you say frivolous lawsuits?


Problem is he is a really wealthy guy. Multiple businesses and houses not just your regular home owner.

Be careful. Some of these wealthy people have that money because they make insurance claims on people like us. Might want to retain a lawyer on this one, or at least consult with one.


Like has been suggested, contact a lawyer, or AT LEAST contact your agent and talk to them. This dude is looking for free money and he’ll get it if you don’t make smart moves.

He probably knows you are new, and is trying to take advantage of you. Don’t let him. Talk to a lawyer.

Sorry !!! But that’s not the way I operate !

First we come over an asses what’s going on ,
Then we see what it was that caused the flooding , an who’s at fault.

Sorry for you this guy is a real prick . First class d-bag

I would not contact my agent Let this guy pursue it out. Nor would I give him my agents name or number. If he don’t let you Over

Your already getting a bad review from him so don’t worry about that.

I would also say you’ve been don’t this for many years an have never herd of a basement flooding from gutters.
What a joke. I never herd of it at least …maybe I’m wrong


Flooding from clogged gutters does happen, witnessed it myself a few years back. It was the reason why I cleaned the downspouts out for him. Water just rolls over the full gutters and runs down the side of the house, entering cracks in the basement.

But for someone to blame this guy after he CLEANED them and verified the downspouts were functional is absurd.

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Ok, But why now if they’ve been clogged for how many rain storms ?

Ya have to think he was there to clear out the debris in the gutters that were clogged.

Are they saying he clogged them ? They were clogged already … no ?

The unfortunate thing is he needs to see what is going on, an I would tell the customer that. If you don’tet come an see them your going to have to take me to court. Period.

You ain’t making it easy for I’m not going To make it easy for you.

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How heavy were the rain storms after ?

I cleaned the gutters 2 weeks ago and since then it’s rained a few times but this past weekend was some really heavy rain. I am thinking that in the 2 weeks since I cleaned the gutters a lot of leaves have fallen and it could have gotten clogged.

Thats what common sense tells you, but when it comes to irrational customers common sense doesnt apply.

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