Customer communication

With the way technology is today How is everyone keeping in contact with their cliental?

I’m finding my customers are to busy to talk on the phone (or just to lazy) and I’m texting them more. Is that professional?

As long as your interactions don’t become a ‘textastrophe’ (google it), I see nothing wrong with it. I text quite a few of our customers.

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People send messages on Yelp and I always respond you need to call us. We do all communication by phone, no text or email. Every now and then someone says that we are the only person who picked up the phone when they were calling around.

I think it depends on the individual, and a lot of it is related to age. If you want to reach my kids, text is about the only way to get a response. With me, phone or email are about equally effective. With my Dad, if you were to text him, it would be a deal killer.

If I’m initiating contact, or responding to a bid inquiry, it’s always with a phone call.
If we play more then one round of phone tag then I go to text. Never had anyone complain, and I’ve ended up scheduling more work via text than over the phone.

As for whether or not it’s “professional” well… I say professional is as professional does. There are professional texts and unprofessional phone calls.

Is a Skype session more professional than a phone call?

Phone call, text, or if I’m on the rez, smoke signals.


The main way I keep in touch with the majority of my clients is via text message. People are so busy these days. Most tell me I can either call or text. Doesn’t matter to them. I find when I text a client to schedule, they respond faster than if I left a voice mail.


Phone calls, and keep them professional. I do have a few REGULAR clients that I know ahead of time run busy schedules and we do a mix of text and phone calls. Two Commercial accounts are e-mail/text/phone - pretty much in that order.
If I get an initial text from someone without talking to or meeting, then I generally steer the conversation with a phone call. I don’t waste time trying to answer questions texting quippits back and forth.

Oh, and watch out for these:


I have gotten similar ones to this. Automatic delete, don’t even think about it.

Well it’s a given that first contact is always by phone
(Unless u use thumbtack etc)

I’m mean after the initial contact…I find myself answering a text here and there.

For instance I had a customer today text me a novel on why she didn’t think I should’ve left the Windows wet, after I used my WFP…lol

That would definitely merit a phone call, or perhaps even a visit if I wasn’t too far away.

If we are talking about “What time is best for you?”
“8:00 am” “Ok see you then, thanks =)” then I think texting is a perfectly legitimate way of doing business.

Sounds like your missing something in your explanation of the type of serves your offer to your clients, its hard to help with that issue because we aren’t there with you during your sales process from beginning to end.

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No I explain in detail the process.

Its one of two issues, i believe.

  • over explanation of pure water process
    (Creating deer in the head light effect for the customer)
  • under explanation of the pure water process
    (Creating the “whats he talking about” effect)

Most likely its the first one…


I will agree with you, I’m learning as I go and I’ve caught myself starting to do that, so I wrap myself back in. Lol

I do it because of the first experience I had with them asking me about ladders etc. since then I felt like I had to explain, especially after it happend a couple more times.

I’m getting annoyed with them and gosmith texts!

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50% like phone calls only. These are generally first time users of my business.

50% like text/e-mail. Of new people.

Then when you get to established clients, they really prefer e-mails and text. I’m constantly surprised at the older people, that much prefer text.