Customer Lobby

I searched all customer lobby posts and they don’t have the info I need. I was contacted by them today and they still do the review gathering thing, which I don’t care about anymore. However, they actually contacted me to discuss their customer retention portion of their software. they state that their system can analyze your entire customer database with the accounting/invoicing portion and they can target your less performing customers and specifically target them to get them to be higher repeat customers.

I looked at their website and what they say makes sense. I might actually go ahead and take a demo, but I wanted to see if anyone else is using them. If so, what are your thoughts? Does it work?

how was your demo?

Terrible. We’re on service CEO and when they say they integrate, they meant they integrate with the old server version of service CEO. They haven’t sold that in years nor do they support that.

So I didn’t even get to see it work.

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