Customer Managment Software

Whats everyone using to keep track of there customers and there data? I started off using index cards, then went to outlook and excel. Then I finally took the jump to Service CEO. Does anyone use thought Full systems?

I am a one-man shop and use Palm OS and a Palm Pilot.

Larry have you seen the palm centrino phone? Its like a tiny version of the treo. It runs the palm os… which kills the windows mobile in my opinion. Oh yeah its only $99 bucks. One less thing to carry around in your pocket.

Not yet. I finally replaced my old Palm V (from 1999!) a couple years ago with a low-end Zire 21 ($30 on clearance.) I’ll have to check it out – thanks!

PCMag review (10/10/07):,2704,2194804,00.asp

the Centro exists to put more power into the hands of folks who are considering devices such as the T-Mobile Sidekick ID or LG’s enV—inexpensive sub-smartphones with e-mail, text messaging, and media options.

I’ve got the Palm Z22 and it works great for me. I will be upgrading next year to a larger Palm so I can use memory cards to hold larger software systems.

To all you guys using the Palm: Does it hot sync with MS Outlook? I used to have a Sony Clie back in the day until I ended up hiring an office person. I am thinking about getting one so I can back up outlook & put the schedule on my laptop as well as my home PC in case I get a hard drive crash. Dont need alot of bells and whistles. Any of you recommend a bare bones model that is inexpensive and is affordable?


Hey Steve

Yes it absolutely does sync with outlook. It comes with both the Palm and the outlook software. When you first pop in the disk it just gives you the option of which one to use.

The Centrino I recommended to Larry is the bare bones one. Above that there is really only the treo. Depending what 3phone carry you use, will dictate what pricing is available. I would guess about 2 - 250$ with a data plan.

I use a system called George which you can sync with any Palm
Take a look it is very easy to usr and the back-up service is second to none

I’m using QB and just bought QB customer manager the other night. Nice features.

I have 2-3 employees and use Service CEO.