Customer relations - Platinum/white glove treatment

Thought I’d share a new technique I’ve been using this year on our higher end clients with great results.
While cleaning, naturally you come across some imperfections in the glass, an occasional seal issue or maybe a hard water stain. I’ve been shooting a brief video identifying the item(s); I attach this with the invoice Email.

That attention to detail and the total package expertise experience seems to give “well to do” customers the absolute fizz. It has increased our word of mouth referrals 10 fold, and again, our highest grossing accounts.

60 second video clip and an email attachment? Can’t beat the ROI.


I do something similar, I call it the 5 point home Maintennance check list… I let the customer know of any damages to…

  1. windows/seals
  2. gutter lines/area
  3. roof
  4. siding
  5. additional visible damages

I use company cam and log everything in their file that I may see.