Customer test drives the Legend

Mr. Windowblinger (Those on FB might know who I’m talkin’ about) test drives the new Legend squeegee channel.


Looks good. I may have to place an order. Do you have them in larger sizes as well? Does it do better with the edges than the standard sorbo on straight pulls or just when fanning?

I’d say straight pulls would be equal compared to any wide body channel. I have some 30" coming in.


That said I would probably stick with the 18". I generally do straight pulls when using larger channels, hence the question about the effectiveness with straight pulls.

so just to clarify as well does it do as good of a job as the liquidator or how does it compare and what are the differences?

Hard to say for sure. It’s not dog eared like the Liquidator and I don’t really say it’s a ‘detailing eliminator’ to be fair, skilled cleaners with brass squeegees can clean with minimal detailing. That said, the Legend’s key benefit is getting into the corners better, certainly making detailing less of an issue there. Oh and also that it can take regular rubber.


Yah I’m not so much a fan of the dogear as much as the potential with the angled wide body channel. The fact that it’s not dog-eared is a bonus to me.

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Thanks for the info.

I’m not going to lie… This video leaves something to be desired. A more in depth review and/or demo would be preferable, especially being a new tool and all. Really looking forward to seeing what this thing is capable of though!


This video wasn’t planned. The customer came in and asked to try it out and I asked if he wouldn’t mind me capturing his first try with it. He liked it and bought the 18" and 24"

I’m sure as more people have a go with it there will be more in depth reviews…good/bad/whatever. :wink:


Are clips in the channel or is the rubber “free floating”?

It uses Sorbo style metal clips.

Tomorrow I will try to put together a close up, in depth video on the Legend.


The clips are on the under side of the squeegee rubber??

Yes, clip in front, not behind.

Maybe the Legend needs a little bit of hammering :hammer: in the ends and we have a wide bodied Liquidator.
Check out Hermans old video of Sorbo:

So far I (and others that have told me) like the performance. I remembered when I first heard about dogearing channels, years ago and I did that to a couple of my Unger S channels. After that I never bothered again. Mostly because I noticed the rubber ends wearing faster.