Customer writing a check question? Thanks

I am just starting out and have a customer that wants to write a check. I do not have a business checking account yet. I wanted to know if you have them write it to your name? Thanks.

Yeah, especially just starting out. Have them write it directly to your name. Thats what I did too.

I would look for a bank that offers free small business checking and get that set up ASAP. Nothing cheesier than not letting your clients write a check to your business name.

No offense intended. :slight_smile:

You will need at least a DBA to open an account

Look for a bank that offered free checking. You may need paperwork. I had to show a tax #. Good luck

I had to get an EIN # via the IRS to open up a business checking account, you can contact them and get a # over the phone and then they will mail you your paper work. I went to my bank with my # ( before I got my paperwork) and set up my account.

You want the business account so go ahead and get it set up ASAP. Get the DBA (doing business as) and EIN #. Run all cash and checks customers pay you through the business account weekly and write yourself a check at the end of the week, after deductions, as your paycheck. If you’re ever audited you will NEED this paper trail. Besides, it makes you look more professional if you have them make it out to your business name, and you have invoices with your business name. Office Depot can get you set up pretty cheap with carbonless copy so you keep one and the customer gets an exact copy. This type of approach sets you apart from the fly by nighters. My Credit Union says the chacks can be made to either my business name or my name. I prefer business but accept it either way.

I just had to get a DBA at the county recorders office then was able to open a business account. But it probably depends on how you have your business set up. I’m a sole proprieter which makes things easier is many respects. But until you get a business account you’ve got to have them write your name. It seemed a little strange to me when I did that, but heck, … what are you going to do?? I’d say get a business account soon. Just seems more legit and I bet people percieve you and your business differently than if they were writing out a check to John Doe.

yep, as everyone said, get urself set up that way.

also probably worth mentioning is setting urself up as a sole proprietor or an LLC. sole prop is cheaper to apply as, but many choose to switch out to an LLC after just a few months. Your best bet may just be to spend the little bit extra and become an LLC. Sole prop was 50 bucks, LLC was 125 (here in ohio). This will protect you beyond any liability insurance you may (and i recommend you do) get. If you do a storefront, water drips, little kid slips and hits his head on a corner of the wall-- only your company assets can be attacked in court, you wont be paying for the rest of your life. for an extra 75 bucks you can sleep a little easier at night.

So if thats what you choose to do, you may also be able to have it all done at the bank-- my bank (first merit) filled everything out with me and filled out the check/sent it too.

So, see if your bank is able, if so your steps are simple.

  1. File for EIN with IRS either online or over the phone in 15 minutes, no cost.
  2. Go to bank, ask to set up business checking account, free but requires ~50 to open the account
    2a) fill out paper work there and send in. they may open ur business account under your SS# until your EIN arrives, if you didnt get it instantly via phone or web (cant remember)

Also at this point i would send in your information to your states dept of taxation for a SERVICE VENDORS license so you can collect sales tax ($25 here in ohio). apply as a JANITORIAL service (which includes window cleaning), this will be cheaper when u look for insurance, because simply being a window cleaning company sounds more dangerous.

then look in to commercial liability coverage. look locally, i priced through about 8-10 different places. i got 1 million dollar coverage, because thats what most places who require coverage ask it to be at, and the difference in price between a 300k policy and a 1M coverage wasnt much.

good luck!

Some banks are not offering free checking accounts anymore. I bank at two separate banks and both my personal and business accounts used to be free but recently changed to charging monthly fees. I guess the economy is hurting the banks also. lol

Banks are becoming a thing of the past. I will never go back to doing business with a bank. I have my accounts now with a Federal Credit Union. No fees on accounts, low interest rates, cash back on each purchase you use your debit card on and super friendly people. The list goes on and on. When is the last time someone at your BANK greeted you when you came in the door? I can now take a picture of a check front and back and forward it for deposit from my computer without leaving home. They will do most anything to have your business and KEEP IT.

I can do all that at Chase. I love Chase!


They just used to RAKE in the money in overdraft fees. Now the laws have changed so they can’t do that. So now they give you fees, whether you overdraft your account or not.


Oh yeah I know. My wife has checked with other banks and most have monthly fees, and those that dont want a daily balance of 5000. Its liked getting robbed in plane site. Even though the monthly fees are not that bad to deal with, it sucks when your account used to be free.

Hey Im a newbie…but they have this new thing now called “Square” it allows you,if you have a smart phone that is, to accept all credit cards…coolest thing ive seen…and its free just download the app on your apple or android phone…I did.

square is good.

I use square too

You do not need an EIN as a sole prop but if you want a business bank account you need an EIN and you have to file for DBA

One can open a business bank account with SSN and DBA only.