Customers Calling EMPLOYEE's Personal phone. Losing customers to Employees

My Manager is very trusted… However because he uses his personal phone for:
*Updating clients of their Job arrival
*Asking for Gate Codes Etc. Etc.

Our Clients will sometimes Save my employees phone number in there contacts and when they REFER Out a client, they accidentally give my employees phone number to them.

Then my employee gets a call for window cleaning and thinks it is a New Customer calling for him personally.

We are trying to figure out a way to avoid losing business this way…


1.) Provide him with company phone to call customers with? (But we would then have to retrieve the phone daily to check it, which is impossible)

2.) Look for some kind of EASY TO USE App/ software that he has to use to communicate with customers? (But how would we verify that he is actually using it)

Step 1) Have him work in the office

Step 2) Have an office phone for him

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Have him get a Google voice number on his phone , then if any calls come to that number are your business and not his side hustle

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First off, if he is taking customers you gotta rethink your story “My Manager is very trusted”
Set it up so there is no reason for customers to have his personal number.
You could:
Provide him with gate codes ahead of time.
All updating of arrival times goes from him, to the office, to the customer.

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Ensure that your employees give the customer several business cards, magnets or what ever you use in first contact, that way the customer can simply hand out one of the spare cards they have, if your cards are unique then its more likely they will remember and keep them.

For example my cards are printed on clear plastic, they are very long lasting and give quite the impression, almost every person I have ever given my card they have positive comments. IMHO many customers choose to use me over other WCs due to the impression I convey in first meeting.

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“Losing customers to employees”. Betcha this is happening because of much more than a phone number.

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You need to make it crystal clear that he is not to use his personal phone for customer contact.

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