Cut NEST loose this month

Nest finally gave me one to many hoops to jump through. I don’t know about the rest of you, but we are not going to call to let them know when we get to a job and then call to let them know when we leave. Good riddance!! Residential is blowing and going.

starting to sound like they are an employer trying to just pay employer wages (from all the low pricing I hear about)

What is NEST?

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It’s an acronym- Negative something something something, I forget. They’re a nation service provider out of NJ.
I cut them loose about 2 years ago. I found them to be incompetent and as Chip said, waaay too heavy on the hoop jumping. And very, very stingy in what they pay out.

Great News!

I found that I was far better off using the time I spent on NSP accounts to gain accounts of my own. Afterall, the NSP has the account, not you.

I was asked to clock in and out for a job that was 2 panes. The calling in and out would have taken longer then the actual cleaning. I laughed and ran from that job. lol.

Had to check out the NEST site.

Their little speech guy that pops up was about as shiesty sounding and convincing as these guys…

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I’ll pass

They are the worst, aside from paying SOOO low, they pay slow. Something really bothers me about, someone telling me what they will pay for the job.

Good Riddance!

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I don’t know if this applies to all NSP’s but WHY do they pay so slow?? What is the advantage to not paying on time. I work for another one where they say they will pay in net 30 days, but sometimes it has been as long as 90 days!!! I just don’t understand it. I’m expected to do work in a certain timeframe which I have always done. At the same time they seem to keep different rules for themselves paying whenever they feel like it apparently. It’s very frustrating and doesn’t make sense to me.

Has anyone had any luck with a technique to get them to pay you when they said they were going to?? They made the rules, not me, … yet they still don’t adhere to them. How can they ask for timely work and also neglect their responsibility at the same time?? amazing!

They do it because window cleaners let them do it. I don’t deal with any and I doubt I ever will. If I did work through one, they would only get one chance, if they didn’t pay me on time they better pay me a late fee. If they didn’t I would drop them in an instant.

Their behavior is learned. They have learned that window cleaners probably won’t do anything about it because they need the work. Every day a large Corp can keep money in it’s account- it is collecting intrest for them. So if they keep an extra 5 million that should already have been paid out, an extra month. That’s a lot of free cash for them.

I say dump these crooks and don’t look back.

I think a lot of it has to do with… (keep in mind just my theory) They don’t pay us the window cleaner until they get paid from the store head quarters. If I remember correctly that may have been why so man of us still haven’t gotten payed from those Ann Taylor stores.

Ann Taylor Headquarters didn’t pay MR Window ----> Mr Window Couldn’t pay the window cleaners.

You may be right, but to me that’s a sign of a shoddy business if they are a national company yet they can’t backup their payroll. I can understand if they are a small company, but a large company should be able to backup at least one months projected payroll.

If I were to be in charge of a company like that, this would be one of my companies perks. If you contract though my company you won’t have to be worried about not getting paid, and if for some reason the contractors can’t be paid because of an account that hasn’t paid and my company doesn’t have the funds, then the window cleaner will get the late fee that I would charge the account for not paying on time.

Somebody has to be accountable and it shouldn’t be the guy or gal who is out busting their butts cleaning windows.

But again I know this probably won’t happen because I believe these companies just hold onto the cash as long as possible to maximize their interest.

Some companies want to use you like employees with the benefit of dealing with you as an independent contractor but there are government guidelines they must follow:

Employee (Common-Law Employee)

Under common-law rules, anyone who performs services for you is your employee if you can control what will be done and how it will be done.

Independent Contractor Defined

The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done.

I just put a bid on a store this week with dirty windows. The manager said they were being done by a national company. The national company must be trying to check up on the subcontractors to see if they show up and actually do the windows. Maybe the subs are doing “drive by window cleaning”, Spray the windows with a spray bottle while they drive by. LOL


IF, you wanted to give them the credit, maybe they need the check in and out times to speed up the invoicing, so you could get paid faster, but I’m sure we all know better than that.

The money most likely isn’t in a payroll account, now that banking can be set up almost instantaneous, major companies can hold the money in high interest savings accounts, and then make the transfers hours before they need to cover payroll, to squeeze every last penny out of their interest income. One company threatened termination if we cashed our checks before 12:00 on friday, because if everyone ran out and cashed them there really wouldn’t have been enough money in the account that morning.

I think they want you to check in and out to know how long it takes on the job. Then I figure they will try to lower the price they pay. Just a theory.

Does anyone actually do accounts for NEST and all the other sucky NSP’s? I’ve lost huge amounts of $$ in accounts that switched to NSP’s over the past few years, and thankfully I’ve replaced the lost work, [I]but what I really want to know is if they’re still billing the companies on the work not being done.[/I] I refused to work with NSP’s beginning about the time American Seaboard stopped paying everyone for Pearle Vision. Since then out of all the companies in my town that swithced to NSP, I don’t know of any had their windows professionally cleaned in a long time here. You would think they would get fed up with the NSP companies not completing the work and hire someone with some integrity. Either that or they are getting billed and no one is being held accountable for seeing that the work is done.

I just want to let you know that Mr. Window DID get paid. They are just not paying their window cleaning technician’s. Be careful & DON’T work for them if you are ever approached. Bad, bad news.

NSP= corporate Bucket Bob

[QUOTE from Chris] “I think a lot of it has to do with… (keep in mind just my theory) They don’t pay us the window cleaner until they get paid from the store head quarters.”

I missed this the first time around. I believe your theory to be correct. A couple of the NSP’s that approached us had in their contract that they would not pay unless they recieved payment from the store. I made them adjust the contract before I signed it. I told them I get paid whether they get paid or not, because I contracted with them for the job not the store. After that they paid my normal prices and within 30 days. Unfortunately, they went out of business.

I think you’re on to something. If I required anyone working for me to follow the same rules these guys do, they would be considered an employee and not an independent contractor. They may be blurring the lines a little here.