CVS - Advice needed

Hi there

I have a CVS a coulpe of blocks from my house, even when it’s located on a “high end” area, is just plain dirty and neglected outside.

My question is in this particular one (See PICS) how much will you guys charge?

I haven’t talked to anyone there yet, even when I stop by sometimes to get cigarettes, before I get a realistic idea on pricing and how to handle the negotiation. I’m aware that they can come up with “corporate handles that”, but I think when one location is landed I can get the rest of them, several in a 5 miles radius.

As you can see in the pics seems like lately some kids have been having fun throwing stuff on the walls and windows, and I did notice a piece of plywood covering a window the day that the pics were taken, I’m keeping an eye on that and see if that’s fixed in a timely manner, giving me an idea if they even care about their image.

Again, no commercial experience here, so any advice will be well received.


You should stop stopping. :frowning:

nothing to worry about Larry.

Any ideas on how much and how to proceed to offer services or a bid ?

I’d probably bid $175 in/out, no less than $75 out only. Then I’d walk away, they’d never call, and I’d go about doing residential work for twice what they’d pay someone else to do it.

I jjst dropped a 5 page ‘package’ with a 2 minute video off to one local…

they ALL look like crap nation-wide right now I think.

I know ALL of them 'round here look almost abandoned.

Nothing yet…

I am guessing these clowns care less what the image is.

must be a Patel thing.

No, THEY (Patels) care they just fail to pay.

Oh, that’s right… then it must be a Luo-Hin Sung’lee thing

My bid (interior/exterior) for something like that would look like:

2x month: $100

1x month: $120

Every other month: $150

Quarterly: $200

Any less then quarterly I try not to offer a discount and they will be looking at our full price which they, most likely, would not accept.

We’ve done CVS’ in the past (and still do one in our area quarterly) and it has usually come right through the manager so I would just stop in and see what happens. Best of luck!!

I’ve tried contacting the CVS 2 minutes from my house and the manager said corporate wants the employees to do it, but they don’t. I talked for a few minutes with him and I don’t think he wants it done unless corporate pays for it. Let us know how it goes for you, I’m very interested in breaking into a commercial chain and offering more than one service(wcing, pwing, and floor care).

Thanks Sean, I’ll look at those numbers and see what happens.
The piece of plywood is still there, so if a broken glass doesn’t get fixed, dirty glass won’t be a major problem I guess.

I was told the same as you by the manager, the employees are supposed to do it that they do not hire out.

Everyone we’ve ever done has been through the manager and he/she was either paying themselves or billing it out to corporate as something else that corp would approve. Now of course with a few we ran into payment issues (lack there of), and we stopped servicing. Nevertheless, it was always approved through the store manager, not corporate.

Would you happen to know what they billed it to corporate as? I’m pretty sure they don’t bill it out as “Window Cleaning”.

That’s the point, they could not bill it out to corporate as window cleaning. Unfortunately, and I apologize, it is slipping my mind as to how these few managers were getting around this and still getting corporate to pay by submitting it as something else. I was told once by my contact at one of the stores but it is now escaping me. I’ll look into it and see what I can come up with.

Spill, Aisle 12?

If the P&L report has no line item for WC’ing, then they do not pay for WC’ing. However, they do pay for ‘services’ or ‘petty cash’.

we got canned once because there was no ‘line item’.

Can we just talk about this for a second? “line item”

so, no one ever dreamed that the windows…would get dirty so no ‘item’ was placed into the P&L report. Nowhere does it say

<Window Cleaning> __________________________

Hence…they do not pay for it.

Now, examine this for just a minute. What total idiot that owns a retail store of any sort did not plan on having the windows cleaned?

corporate, greedy, morons. Capitalism at it’s best.

The CVS by me, where I get my drugs…the drive through window is soooooo dirty, you can not see the girl who sends me the drugs. Honest.

Now, what do you think the folks who drive up think?

I handed em a five page spiral bound book of photos showing, trrrrash everywhere. Along with a movie to examine how we can help.

nadda. zip. zilch. goose egg. boomer. ohtone. There are beer bottles, yard signs, 3 black trash bags, shredded paper…all over the lot. Looks like puke.

But no one gives a red damned cent.

why? 'No line item".

Look into a Walgreens account they seem to take better care of. Then hope CVS gets bought out by Walgreens.

Alberto E.:slight_smile:

So what really needs to happen is you need to change YOUR line item. Dont bill them for Window Cleaning. Bill them for trash pick up or floor care or uniforms. They may very well want it done but may need to be informed of the creativeness that you offer.

They do have line items they can pay for find out what they are and strike a deal.

<beer for stuff we don’t want to pay for>__________________