Daily and Monthly Job Totals Now Available On Monthly Calendar!

When visiting your monthly calendar while logged into The Customer Factor you’ll now see a monthly job total at top left and also at bottom right. This is the total amount of all the jobs you have scheduled that month. In addition you’ll also notice that a daily job total is listed for each day […]


Hands down awesome product. Been using it for years. Just gets better and better. Now we just need an app! I’ll pay an extra $5/month if that would help :slight_smile:

Its already in the works, but i use the samsung galaxy tablet from sprint, so i dont need an app

how about a goal amount too - then it can show in red how short the day is (or what size job can fit to fill to the goal) - or in black the overage of the day

$total/goal/diff (under/over)

[B]job hours[/B] would be nice too - total/goal/diff, along with the $

if hours are under goal, but $ are over goal, it can be seen at a glance that day can be made stellar by adding more hours of jobs to reach hours goal, which means the day $ would just be even higher

Good idea

I am here: Google Maps

An app might allow you to check your calender offline. That would be awesome.

I love this update.