Damaged glass

Can someone with a little more experience and knowledge please help me understand why glass gets this way? I’m pretty sure it’s from weather and time but I’d like to know for sure so I can explain it a little better to my customers when they ask me why I can’t clean it. Thanks guys, hope everyone is killin it!!

Best I can tell it’s double pane thermal with a blown seal. Happens everywhere.

I window cleaned with an older guy that actually made windows for 20 years. He said the heat/cool cycle on a daily basis will stress the rubber seal inside and cause micro spaces, allowing moisture to enter and lets the argon, nitrogen etc to escape. The dessicant in the silver strip will absorb a certain amount, but it can only hold so much and then condensation forms inbetween the panes. Once it evaporates during the heat if the day it leaves behind deposits, and voila.

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Ya looks like a blown seal. Just tell them that , an say it happens all the time. Noting anyone can do.


Right on thanks man, I figured it had to do with the Weather hot/cold cycle but wasn’t sure how it happens. I appreciate the Knowledge thanks brotha.

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Tell them like this :
It’s suppose to be air tight in between the two double panes . But the seal got busted , probably because of the heat or direct sunlight . Now air got inside and it has done its damage . If the windows are less than 10 years old , tell your client that it might be covered by its warranty and to call the manufacturer.

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when it’s purple/blue/rainbow/silver my understanding is that it (the regular air that got in) is reacting with the low-e coating

without the low-e it’s just fog/drips/haze inbetween without all the pretty colors lol


Thank you!

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I’d usually explain to the homeowner that windows that get a lot of direct sun have a tendency to do that so if they aren’t still under warranty and they buy new then it’s a good reason to get a window with a good warranty. It’s obviously getting enough sunlight for it to be an issue.