Dan fields methods

Hi everyone .
I have cleaned windows for about 4 seasons .
I work mostly full time and clean windows one or 2 days a week .

Mostly residential , with a few storefront /retail. All trad… no wfp yet, although I am considering going di only as the water near me is averaging 50 ppm ( except some dreaded well water ).

I was watching the Dan Fields series of videos on post construction cleaning .

I am curious on two things .
Anyone use a drywall knife sharpened like he does?
And does anyone use his squeegee techniques ( starlight pulls , but with a specific starting point sequence).

I mostly fan, although I straight pull smaller windows and those with beveled frames .

I found his methods very interesting , and was curious what others think, and do .


20ish years

Never heard of anyone doing construction cleans with anything but a razor.

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I believe the drywall knife thing is like super old school. Like Ye Olde School before razors were invented. You could also use the drywall knife to fight pterodactyls when they swooped down to steal your mop.


I had never heard of it, but he files the edge flat and straight , so you have a sharp 90 degree edge…
It was interesting …

Yes I use a broad knife to blade windows for construction cleans and it works great and does not damage glass if you keep a straight edge on the blade. I have not had any problems using this method, it works for removing most stuff. You will still need razor for stubborn stuff like stickers but for mostly everything else it works good.

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In his video, he really had his system down , and construction cleaned a window as fast or faster than I do a regular clean haha.
I like the safety aspect of not having a 6” wide blade to accidentally contact .
Thanks for the response !

Those videos are gold…I always like to listen to what the oldskool guys in the trade have to say. Good solid advice. Dan is a expert witness on the subject too so I don’t think he would steer us wrong.

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Agreed. Great video series, even if they are a bit dated .