Dan the Window Man Episode #1

Hey Jason,
I do have a 36" Ettore channel, but I rarely use it anymore. I’ve found when the conditions are favorable: such as when the windows don’t flex too much like the level above where I was testing a 36" works fine as long as it hasn’t been bent out of shape. If I’m on a job where 36 or a 30 is a perfect fit for many panels, I’m more prone to dig them out, but they tend to not fit in with my desire for portability and an unobtrusive work area.
Keep in mind the test was for method more so than channel size.
But yes, those panels are 3 swipes of a 36".

I don’t have much on my side this year although the Mets just made it to .500!

I don’t have much on my side this year although the Mets just made it to .500![/QUOTE] (Dan Wagner)

Yeah, I got to see them play at their new stadium just before I moved out here. So far I have been to 2 mets games. :slight_smile:

My brother in law and his friend are diehard mets fans like you. I haven’t been able to keep up with baseball this year with no T.V.


I’m Dangerous, but yawl can call me Dange… Howdy yawl !

Dan good display of techniques. Now to my questions, which one of these 4 do you like and use most of the time when your poleing ? If you were to train a person without any experience, which these 4 would you teach them ?

For me I perfer #4 it was how I was trained to do it ! The others work fine,
and I’m an old dog with a big arsenal of tricks, always willing to learn more!


Greetings Dange!
Interestingly enough, I like #4 the best myself. Although I didn’t use a method I’ve been practicing on that type of window (I can literally cut down the pull down time by about 50% but for sake of fairness maintained a typical speed in the video) I like staying as comfortable as I can- thus the preference not to pitch my ever aging back forward too much.
If I really worked on improving with the wagtail, I could see preferring that eventually.
Even better yet would be not wielding a pole, mop, and squeegee or WFP more than 1 or 2 days a week while my future team is in the field full-time!

What state is Everywhere/Anywhere in?:slight_smile:
Or are you like ZZTop “Bad, Nationwide”?

First off - nice video Dan. Loved the Ettore pointer at the end LOL.
6 or 7 seconds off the Wagtail time! Listen to some of the others on here. You should be able to do it in under 20 seconds. Do yourself a favor - get the wagtail adapter for the pole. Without it you end up being too close to the glass because of the angle. It also doubles up as extra reach tool. I didn’t have it on this video [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RtTRBLatvA]YouTube - Wagtail 30 Mallorca[/ame] but you can see how much glass the 30"er covers.

Hi Mr. Robinson,
I looked in the WCR shop and didn’t see a wagtail pole adaptor. What is it exactly? If it helps with fluidness from waist level down, I’m interested. That’s where I have trouble.

By the way, I’ve tried 3 times to subscribe your blog but without success!
Thanks for the advice.

This is what ou need: [U]http://shopwindowcleaner.com/wagtail-angle-arm.html[/U]
You could use an Unger adapter - but it’ll stuff up all the weight/torque issues. Although Mark from Italy uses one.

I have you subscribed Dan - still yet to send out a newsletter. Rather wait till it’s good than send out something that’s naff.

Sorry, forgot to add - yep it helps with fluidness & stops the angle being too acute to squeegee. You can also use it for squeegeeing from the inside on the outside the other way round.

You still have snow where you are? Or is that video a few months old?

Here ya go Dan,

Wagtail Angle Arm

It is currently out of stock, should be back in a couple days. It is actually in the warehouse, but out new wagtail shipment just came in on Thursday.

Its mixed in with the wagtail stuff…

Well Dan,
I’m feeling your pain, with age comes experience and a racked body ! Mine is every bone in the body ! When my back, elbows, KNEES start to ache I change my body movements, and that helps a bit !

So when you train guys do you start them with #4 or do just make them wet ? You know wetting down a window is the most importat aspect to cleaning glass ! A good scrub is key to clean glass, agreed ? I was given a waggy for free but I haven’t tried it yet, I guess I better.

You know being in the office would be nice but I’m going solo so I have to wear all the hats, but that’s ok I like working alone. Every once in a while I’ll sub out on a large account.

I like being a window cleaner and I’m very good at it, I can go anywhere and everywhere and make a living doing this, that’s why I say that as my location ! As to my literal location well I like my privacy and I do have competitors on this forum soooooo maybe when I feel more comfortable making posts I’ll devulge to you that info !

Man I’ve been a member for over 2 years and it has taken me this long to really start making posts,I first started here by making PM’s to a few folks. I guess I’m a little reserved but I would like to thank you for your greeting and acknowledgement, your alright a true gentlemen ! Good luck to you Dan and may your business prosper…


Oh by the way I got the nick-name from a client who realized how dangerous my work is and the name stuck, but Yawl can call me Dange…Howdy

Thanks for pointing me to the Wagtail adapter guys. I’ll place an order in a couple of days. I need some stuff anyway.

When I train anyone I usually let him do the whole process and give guidance as we go. I agree that mopping is of utmost importance. It’s a lot easier to wipe a few streaks than remop a window that wasn’t done correctly to begin with.
[I]As to my literal location well I like my privacy and I do have competitors on this forum soooooo maybe when I feel more comfortable making posts I’ll devulge to you that info ! [/I]
In my locale there are other window cleaners, but I don’t view them as competitors, just as other window cleaners who have a different approach than I do.

And yes, the video was made in February, but funny enough we had flurries here this evening and it’s 31.1 degrees as I type. Yikes.


Very good video.


i prefer the pull down then finish off with a 24".

With the straight pull down cut in at an angle with each pull, gives you a dry spot to tap squeege then pull it down