Dan the Window Man Episode #1


Thanks, Dan!

Chris and Alex: Send him a WCR t-shirt, for godsake!

Good job Dan.

Nice video Dan. Really enjoyed watch it.

Good job,
I agree someone with proficiency with the Wagtail will be much faster than your posted time. It take a bit of getting used to it, but the results are normally very good and faster as well.

As an aside, I am going to modify one of my Wagtail handles to make it bigger, more ergonomic to see if that works for me as well.

Great video Dan!

Interesting that your best time was with the ‘pull down half way and finish by hand’ method. And your slowest time was with the wagtail continuously fanning method. My preferred method for using the wagtail on glass like your demo is to use the wagtail on a pole and doing straight pulls half way down and fanning the rest by hand; kind of a ‘best of both worlds’ combination. Give it a try.

Great video and thanks for the shout out! When I use the wagtail I will wagtail the tops and take it off the pole and fan the rest with the wagtail are a 20"+sgueegee.

So i noticed DAN THE WINDOW MAN is from PA - Im assuming this video is a little older judging by the snow on the ground?

and where abouts are you located dan (if your on this forum)

I will Mark. Thanks for the observation.

We just got the snow yesterday. JK:p

Ya, it’s from February. I’m up in the northeast corner. About 30 miles beyond Scranton from you.

Nice job Dan! It’s always refreshing to see another WCR video guy w/ less hair than me!:smiley:


Great job Dan! My favorite part was the results segment. The Ettore pointer was awesome.

Why do you have to go there with the hair thing? :slight_smile: I thought he was going for the Ed Harris look.

I’m in the same boat.

Lot’s of room on that boat!

My former boss and mentor:)

Thanks dan for showing this video. I seem to use that halfway down and fan the rest method alot too. I have tried the old wagtail and never got used to it but never new ones. I would imagine though, that once you get the hang of the wagtail it probaly would be faster.

I have always liked the halfway method and fan method because it leaves less streaking also since your not letting the squeegee come in contact with the bottom of the sill. whereas the straight pulls you gather tons of water and then if there is dirt on the bottom on the sill you have to wipe the squeegee blade after almost every pass or tap it on the glass… more wasted time and money!

And guys Dan is just going for that John Malkovich look Jk:)

Nice Dan.

Hey Jerry,
Good to see you’re still in the game!
By the way, thanks for the recommendation to a lady you did windows for in Lake Ariel. George is heading there next Tuesday.
Keep on truckin’.

Hi Dan,

Those were great field tests. I haven’t been cleaning windows for about 7 years since joining the military at 29 but I am curious why you left out what used to the best solution for windows exactly like those…

A 36" squeegee! Using 2 horizonal pulls leaving a 3-4" strip on either side and then finishing with 2 quick pull with a 5-6" squeegee on the strips. Heck, I even used to keep a bad 5-6" squeegee for outdoor work like that with the sole purpose of wiping the ledges off.

I am VERY certain that the time would be significantly lower with this method with no compromise in quality… in fact less pulls equal less chances for any mess ups.

I love the site and am checking the store right now to replenish my gear! Thanks for the professional guidance and resources!

Best Regards,

Jason Borean

Your welcome Dan:)

That elderly women is the sweetest person to work for. She even opens all the casements up so you can work efficiently. Reminds me of that other job that you had scheduled quaterly and she was obsessed with cleanliness. That was one of my easiest residential jobs and I liked the fact that she had me clean them twice a year.

BTW, still get in heating battles with George over the Yankees games?:wink: