Dawn - 55 Gallon Drums - Anyone have a supplier?

We’re moving to a new office and trying to be as efficient with space, equipment, and supplies as possible.

Anyone know where to get Dawn in 55 Gallon Drums?

Every place I look it is more expensive than just buying bottles. You’d think buying in that quantity would get some sort of bulk discount…

Fastenall can sell it to you in 5, or 55 gallon. But you’re correct, it’s MORE expensive. Go figure.
We’ve done best by asking a local chain store what discount they can give us for buying gallon jugs in bulk (i.e. a pallet full)

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I agree, support your local supply house, they’ll appreciate the business and give you bulk discounts.

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You can buy a 55 gallon drum, but an employee will lose/break the lid.


@Chris had said before he bought dawn in the 55 gallon drum when he had his WC business. Maybe he can help you.

There are several places I can buy them, that’s not really the issue. It’s just that they are always more expensive per ounce than just buying bottles. They’re not THAT much more convenient that I would be willing to pay more. :grinning:

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Costco gallon jugs when on sale works for us.

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How much is a 55 gal drum of Dawn…That’s a lot of clean ducks!