Dawn Soap

I am in south Texas and I just started my business, so I thought about using dawn for my work but what type and in what amount. I see in store mostly the platinum type but I hear that is not good and leaves residues. Also, is extreme heat temperature going to be a factor in deciding the amount to use?

Definitely can’t use dawn as your window cleaning soap

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Ok. That’s fine. I actually had doubt anyway but I saw a lot of people using dish soaps alone or with other products, so what should I use?

Ignore that, use Dawn all you want.

If the sun is hitting the window directly just make sure you saturate the window with a lot of solution (1/2 dollar size dollop of Dawn to gallon of water). If the window is large, do half window at a time so you can beat the sun from evaporating the solution before you can squeegee it.


Thanks for your advice. Is Dawn platinum good for it?

I’ve used Platinum before because that was all that was on the shelf. I can’t say that I remember finding anything negative about it.
Soap and water, agitate dirty window with scrubber, clean it off with squeegee, detail edges and corners - repeat on next window.

Thank you @Garry I was just going to say the same thing.

Get the dawn with the yellow ducks on the bottle


Thank you guys, I appreciate all your input.

Dawn. All day.

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Technically, it’s only dawn at the very beginning of the day. Then it is noon. Then it is dusk.

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This is very important.

Fairly certain @ProWindowCleaning is being sarcastic. While we primarily use a different solution ourselves, Dawn is probably the most widely used window cleaning soap out there for US-based window cleaners if I had to take a guess.

Get a squirt bottle to put your soap in then you can regulate how much soap you need for different jobs. For hot days don’t use too much soap unless you need it for a bbq joint or something. For direct sun add glass gleam 4 to your mix.

The one with the baby seal is really good for slip. I think the baby seal blubber is what does it.


@JaredAI well that is my issue! If only I would have known about the baby seal, I could have been making tree fiddy per hr for the last 5 years. :rofl:

Hmm, Ima have to try this one… Ive always been partial to the duck one.

HAHA…Gonna need about tre fiddy…
Tre fiddy


Dawn in the morning, Dawn in the evening, Dawn at supper time

The duck one does taste better.

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