Dawn vs Morning Fresh vs Other detergents

Greetings fellow window cleaners!

Tis my first post on this fine forum here but I have been lurking around in the shadows for quite some time soaking in all the wisdom and knowledge from many of you!

I’ve only been window cleaning for about 4 years but I’m always looking for ways to improve and maximize efficiency products wise and time wise.

Here in Australia most of the window cleaners I know swear by a dishwashing detergent called Morning Fresh or Palmolive or whatever detergent they can get from Aldi. I was just wondering how it holds up to all the other tried and true products that window cleaners use overseas? (Dawn is the only one that comes to mind at the moment.)

Has there been any comparisons of detergents for window cleaning? And what of these whispers I hear of a ‘Super Detergent’?

Many thanks all!

what I use
Not cheap $50 for 5L, been using it for over 10 years best you can buy here imo.

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Iv been using morning fresh and gg4 together seems to give great glide and nice clear windows

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What sort of dilution ratio do you use when you pour it in the bucket? Will definitely suss it out!

Don’t know much about GG4, will check it out thanks!

Hello and welcome to the forum!
I started using Waxie Liquid Squeegee and 3M Glass Cleaner several months ago and have been satisfied.
I have some Palmolive in the kitchen and might experiment with it. I used some TSP but had a hard time getting the mix right and missed working with bubbles. I also used some Windo-Clean+ and Zep Streak Free but wasn’t impressed.
Today I will experiment with a Super Soap that I got from @Henry .
I should mention that I’m in America (kind of) and I don’t know if these products are available in your country.


can’t find it here in canada ro the us. :frowning: it sounds interesting.

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ill be honest i use whatever dish soap is lying around in my truck.at that point it becomes completely personal preference.here in vegas the window guys i know swear dawn is the best and blah blah but i literally tested every dish soap in vegas and a few of the “professional soap” and guess what they all do exactly the same thing just some do it at $1 and some do it at $30.so far from my tests i like Palmolive cause it smells good but i think joy provides the best slip out of all the dish soaps ive used.

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