Dealing with dirty blinds over garage windows

I had a crazy one. A customer calls me 3 months later to tell me that I didn’t do the inside of the garage double-hung windows. She says she noticed they were dirty when she went to put up Christmas decorations. I told her that I did clean them but I would come over because I want every customer to be 100% satisfied. When I got there yesterday, she said the blinds were dirty with bugs and webs and that there was so much junk stacked up against the windows that I could not have possibly cleaned them. If I had, then I would have asked for help removing stuff before cleaning. I didn’t argue with her…said I did remove and replace things----and that I don’t clean blinds. I only wipe off the web from the top and bottom before I roll them back down. I ended up cleaning the inside windows again ( they were clean) and made a special effort to remove the webs. As we all know garage windows are notoriously covered in webs, dead bugs and goo. What she wants in over and above what we do, I believe. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Garages suck because they are the most neglected, have the most junk piled up in front of the windows, and collect the most bug debris. I try to remember to tell folks that I usually do outside garage windows because of stored items piled up in the way of the windows. At this point if they want inside done too we discuss the extra work/price. Garages suck.

We use a hand brush to clean off the blinds. It does not take too long but is annoying

I once had a guy clean a window perfectly and when I looked out the window I saw a huge cobweb. I went outside and he had literally went under the cobweb to clean the glass. I had to laugh and it still makes me smile because a clean window is only as clean as it’s surroundings.

i hate garage windows but they often make the biggest difference to the customer

Doesn’t sound like a dirty garage window problem, it sounds like an untrusting client problem. She doesn’t believe you cleaned them after to told her specifically that you did. This could be problem crested by previous device people letting her down or she doesn’t trust anyone.

Figuring out whether to gain her trust of letting her go as a client is the real issue. You can’t please everyone. Sometimes you need to know when to move on.

[B][/B]@optimumaintenance Thats the way to make a customer and refrences. The garage windows always knock them out and I clean the blinds and the whole area around the window. They are very happy with this as its been bugging them every time they get in thier car. I also do the whole area around the front entrance the mail box spider webs in the corners and the wood panels on the doors. This has also been bugging them every time they get the mail. They just forget to ask. You ll make a forever loyal customer for about 10 min work. Look at it from their point of view. Dont get all bent because you didnt make 10 bucks. You made 3 x a year for 30 years. Pretty good investment.

[MENTION=1922]windows3877[/MENTION] Another easy customer maker- theres always a hose by the garage spray it off. They see this The cars and the mailbox and entry ways

Most of the time the garage windows are the last windows to be cleaned on the inside when we clean exterior we still do the sills tracks and screens but it’s called to clean interior we save the garage windows for last.

If there is a bunch of junk and crap in front of the windows and they’re almost impossible to get to I will pass on cleaning them or tell the homeowner that there will be a higher extra charge to move everything, clean the windows blinds etc. and then return everything in his previous place

They are as he said the most notorious for spiders and cobwebs, we usually do a quick wipe down or bring in a shop vac or Dyson whatever is available and suck the cobwebs down and around the window framing and the blinds the best we can. Customers are happy with the extra step to do the job right first time around

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Shop vac works well to get the dead bugs and cob webs.