Debating a new WFP

Hey guys,

I have been using a WFP for about 14 years now, mainly a Tucker aluminum 25 footer single hose. I really like the pole. It lasts long even with daily use, I like the weight of it and above all else-- I really, really love how much water flows out.

The only pole I can compare it to is a 32 Ionic “Grafter” (I think) that I used for 2 years. I liked that it was lightweight and very compact, but to be honest I didn’t like the brush or how the water came out of the head-- it seemed too small and really SPRAYING with the pencil jets. I also didn’t like the y attachment hoses getting pulled out or sprung a leak-- not to mention the feeder hose itself it very weak compared to the Tucker. I think out of those 14 years, only 1 Tucker hose had a cut in it from a very sharp plant-- not bad imo.

I see the new Tucker poles have the updated clamps, and am leaning towards replacing it with a newer aluminum. I see their carbon fiber 3k series lets you take the top off, like my friend’s Unger carbon. What is the hose diameter???-- I am PRETTY sure the Tucker aluminum ones are 1/4 inch, they are a lot thicker than say an Ionic or even my friend’s Unger and other friend’s Tucker EZ 15 footer.

Anyway, seeing if anybody has the newer style aluminum poles from Tucker, or their Carbon new lineup. I deal with lots of salt spray, and I mean sometimes it seems like half the Atlantic ocean is on the windows-- that is why I love how much water comes out of the Tucker ASH pole. I really need a good rinse. I am very partial to the Tucker, and I have used the Unger carbon fiber one and liked that one (with the alpha brush and spray bar added) also. I’m also seeing the XERO poles which use the Tucker brush (I really feel that is THE best brush, period. I love the tucker brush)

Just looking for suggestions or other users of the Tucker brand.


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Yeah I have seen that one, the 3k lets you take the top off for a little ground level cleaning. You have this one? I’m interested in customer reviews, I see the price difference that doesn’t bother me you will make that up in a few jobs. Just want to make sure it’s upgrading compared to a tucker aluminum and WHY (other than weight, which as I mentioned I like the FEEL of that pole). How is the flow, the same as the older Tuckers?

Reason for going to carbon fiber is for both weight and stiffness. Greater stiffness means your motions on the ground translate more directly to the brush on the glass, i.e., greater mechanical efficiency; less energy lost to the flexing of the pole. Less weight results in less strain from repetitive motions; reduced risk of RSI issues.

Flow can be manipulated through your choice of jets. If the jets are creating too much force, they can be bored out with a drill bit for lower pressure and more flow.


What are you running as a wfp system these days? @Infinity

I’ve still got an old SimPole I won in a contest years ago. Old faithful; used it for everything from air duct vacuuming to roof raking (snow). Getting a little rough around the edges now; probably going to upgrade to a 45’ Xero Pro Ultimate (or whatever it’s called now) sometime this year.

I just got the new XERO Micro 3K and its awesome for me. I really wanted the shortest collapsed pole and with a couple extra pole tips I can quickly change from brush to trad unger adapter to my vinyl siding brush. The 12 foot Trad Pole is awesome as I really want a minimal setup.