Decals Coming Loose

[FONT=Verdana]Most of the decals that are placed on windows are fine, but sometimes they come loose at the edges after repeated cleanings. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]I assume this has something to do with the quality of the adhesive being used on the decal. Eventually the decal looks really bad! Of course this is my fault I’m the window washer. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana][B]What do you do to handle this problem with decals coming loose?[/B][/FONT]

I have almost talked myself into buying a vinyl plotter to replace signs like this. I wouldn’t go too crazy into it, just small stuff. I have a lot of smaller accounts that always print up business hours on paper and tape them to the door or something. I’ve been tempted to take a poll and see if they would like to have a nice vinyl sign displaying their hours posted.

You could also make your own yard signs or letter your truck. There is some skill and know-how involved though, I’m sure.

Vinyl plotters can be found on the net for around $300 or so, including software. I see them on craigslist often too.

The best solution I can come up with is a tube of super glue in my pouch. Repair the decay that way. Do you think that would work. I think it’s a quick solution.

Might be a problem later when trying to remove the decal. Now you have a chunk of super glue to remove.

From my understanding there are many different brands and qualities of vinyl for sign making. Then there’s outdoor and indoor vinyl. The indoor vinyl is thinner, and doesn’t hold up to the elements. When this vinyl is used on an exterior surface, it’s only a a matter of time before the adhesive fails. Next the vinyl will start to crack around the edges and flake off.

Its my opinion that super glue would only be a very temporary fix, that could present bigger problems down the road, like Tony mentioned.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Hey Micah and Tony, [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Your comments make sense. Thanks for your input. Perhaps I will do a field test or two and see what happens on a small scale. I would think that the super glue would come off with a razor.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Is this decal on the same window we are talking about in the other thread? If so I thought it was covered in FD?

No it’s not, but you raise an important point.

Most of the stores I clean were built many years ago. Way back to maybe the 1920’s I don’t know. I live in Masacusetts it is an old part of the country. The store windows are well over 50 years old probably closer to 100. Very little scratching almost none. I wonder what the windows in the newer sections of town will look like in 75 years? :frowning:

If GANA gets their way, covered in paint and other garbage because you can’t use the industry standard tool to clean them properly.

Quality glass was produced in the past. Quality glass can be produced NOW too, we know this to be a fact because there’s glass out there that is FD free.

It’s only a matter of time until a manufacturer puts a guarantee behind their glass. (no pun intended) This manufacturer will force other companies to get with the program.

I would use a clear silicone if possible.

Get a waiver signed. jk :smiley:

Your leaving money on the table. Network with a sign company and offer to replace the decals .

nix on the super glue, I tried it once and had to replace the decal after watching it shrivel up right before my eyes. Also, I noticed that the decals that started breaking down were usually ones that were in a sunny window.

The good part about my crappy decal dilema is that nobody has actually blamed me for their poorly made decal falling apart. If they do I will simply shift the blame back onto the decal manufacturer.
I think I’ll pass on the waiver idea for now. :slight_smile:

Sorry to bring up an old topic, I found this using the search feature. Did anyone come up with a solution to fix the problem. I have a storefront and the window decal is pealing at the corners of some letters. Thanks.

So who is producing this third wonder of the world? Would love to know who are the good temperers considering we can’t list the bad ones…

Are they Red Sox and Patriot decals?

A patriot decal would never fall off the glass and a Red Sox decal would last longer than the glass! :slight_smile:

Must be that Made in China adhesive.