Decent day for me

Went back by a plaza today that i stopped by the first day i went looking for work (couple weeks ago). Picked up 4 places out of about 8. Charged about a $1 a window for 2 places and $2.30+ for in and out of another. So things went better today then yesterday. Talked with a lady that might use me. She said her window cleaner she uses now broke one of her blinds said he was going to fix it but hasn’t showed up. Said she might be calling me if he doesn’t call. Will be Raising my prices from now on.


Sounds like you are off to a great start, and you are charging decent prices. Keep it up!

They will call probably because many will not go back and clean up their messes (broken blinds and the like). Sometimes things do break and it is there time to break (old and older). Maybe it was one of those situations. Either way it seems things like this result in a lot of window cleaner turnover. I would learn from this and if you like the customer and gig always repair what you break sometimes even if it was not your fault just to keep the peace. And then again there is that rare inconsolable customer that it is better to just move on.