Define "touch up the inside"

I am trying to come up with a set standard for my guys when it comes to touching up interior glass for commercial work. I want to avoid leaving it up to their best guess as much as possible. I teach them not to waste time cleaning windows that are already clean. But that is still too vague. Do any of you out there who run a crew have a set standard that you use that is the same for every guy and will deliver the same results everytime?

I guess it comes down to what YOU feel is a touch up. Myself, if there is no film of dust, fly crap or fingerprints, they can move on.

I want our guys re cleaning everything every-time… But If I had to set a standard I would maybe say:

No visible debris from X feet from the window… X can be what ever you like… 4 feet? 5?


So who is your “boss”? I have noticed that you talk alot about you boss. What company you work for?

Mmm…think I’d spend more time looking for marks on the window than actually cleaning it. I’d go for clean it anyway - probably quicker. I’ve also noticed that when you try & touch-up, it makes the rest of the window look crap that’s not cleaned. Trying to touch up with a cloth will just spread the rest of the settled grime on the window - you’ll only see it when the sun comes out.

How come Chris?

Yeah these are all good replies. The only sure way to make sure all the interior glass is good is to require it to be done every time. But I don’t like the inefficiency of cleaning clean glass. I guess what I’ve been telling them so far…“If you notice it then the customer does” will have to do until I can come up with something better. Which I know is out there. I just haven’t found it yet.

isnt the customer paying to have their windows cleaned even if you think they are already “clean enough”. I was just wondering because I saw a guy from Fish doing this at a really upscale strip mall, he was taking a fixi clamp with a microfiber and not even cleaning the windows, I watch him do this on 7 stores.

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Yeh. I think if the customer is paying for a clean, then they should get it. Unless you quote cheaper on the basis that you dont have to clean inside windows too well and they are aware of that?.. I always think that windows are only clean after they have been cleaned.

I want our guys re cleaning everything every-time… QUOTE]

[B]I agree with Chris. If they ask to have the glass cleaned in/out everytime, they should get it. They are afterall asking you to do it, right?[/B]

[B]Sorry KennyD. That is just plain laziness to me. I have fired an employee for this behavior. I do not clean windows that way, and I surely don’t teach and train my employees to do them that way. Cutting windows is lazy. Besides, where I am, west-facing windows are only part of the equation. We have east facing glass that gets as much glare, and much more.[/B]

[B]I have seen the same thing from the FISH, and others too. Hell, even one of my friendly competitors, which I’ll be helping tomoorow for a while cleaning a resi job, does this. I don’t agree to it, but its his company to eff-up, not mine. We don’t allow cutting. We believe that it is much easier, efficient, and cost effective to do the job completely and correctly the first time, and not have to go back for complaints. The ladies inmy office keep track of the onions and orchids. Crews lose perks and benefits for onions. The receive them for orchids.[/B]


I agree that is just plain lazyness. Thats what the customer pays for thats what they should get unless it is agreed upon otherwise.

Just remember if the customer is paying for a service you aren’t preforming, they will catch on eventually and you may lose the account. So is it really worth wasteing the time to check glass, when cleaning it, is in most cases quicker.

Nothing ruins my day more than getting a call because we skipped a window or didn’t wipe out a track or something and the customer calls 2-3 days later and asks why and when we can come touch it up. It’s ALWAYS best to do it right the first time.

My dad used to say, “Why do you never have time to do things right the first time, but you can always make time to do them right the second time?”