Deposit on Commercial jobs

I’m putting together a bid for my first commercial job, and it includes screen repair and some screen rebuilds. The screen services would require me to purchase supplies (mesh, frames, etc.) so I’ll need a deposit if they accept the job; either 30%-50% is my thinking.

How much is reasonable to ask for a deposit, and are deposits standard for y’all?

I never ask for deposits, if you can’t front the expense of business just until they tell you net 30, 60, or 90 terms


Gotcha. Fortunately, I could most likely afford the costs up-front, but didn’t know if deposits were a thing for window cleaning services.

I guess it would depend. I recently turned down a large job due to the cost of traffic controllers/ lift hire and council fees would have been more than the job was worth to me as an outlay, what if a 3rd party or weather had to reschedule the job, I basically told them that I would only provide my price, they would have to arrange the other services.

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That is the only time I would ask for a deposit, would be a lift. However, if i can’t WFP safely and easily I won’t even take the job.

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