How many of you require a deposit from the customer when scheduling the appointment? If so what is your usual percentage? Non refundable or refundable?

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$100 deposit refundable up to 48 hrs before the appointment.

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I have never thought of requiring deposits when giving an estimate. I always figured if they change they’re mind they’ll call me but I’ve never had that happen. Even if they did I have so many other things to do it wouldn’t throw me off too bad. Personally, I think if you ask for a deposit it might rub the customer the wrong way. Although, that said I live in a rural area where people in general are honest and we go on a nod and a handshake. I’m not sure that’s the case in some cities or more urban areas though.

I can’t remember the last time we had somebody cancel an appointment. so i guess that means it’s unnecessary for me. but i could see if you were in a market where people bailed a lot that it would make sense.

We don’t ask for a deposit, haven’t had a need to, but have had a customer or two offer to pay one. Especially around the Christmas holidays to lock in their appointments. I did drop one customer a few years ago because she kept re-scheduling the day before, or day of her appointments. She did this 3 or 4 times in a couple of months, so I refuse to schedule her again. She never did seem to understand how much money it costs to schedule jobs, have cleaners ready to go, and then have to pay them for hours they don’t work, or scramble to find work

“What’s the deposit for?”

To get them to commit to the scheduled appointment.

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[U]I[/U] understand the reason. :slight_smile:

I used quotes as if the customer was asking…

great point. i’m curious what the response is for those who ask for a deposit when asked why it’s necessary.

To reserve a spot on our schedule.

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So far no one’s asked me the reason for a deposit. I think that’s due in part to the way I word it. After picking out a spot in our schedule, I say, “and we do require a deposit upon scheduling. It’s $100.”

Have you guys ever had anyone hesitate or bail because of the deposit?

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A few times… I look at it as saving me from a headache customer. Maybe 3-4 out of hundreds

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huh, that’s interesting info. so here’s another question- out of all the deposits you’ve taken, how many have cancelled and just given up the deposit? has it ever happened? [MENTION=3209]SqueegeeNinjaNJ[/MENTION] i think you do the deposit thing too so i would love to hear your input.

just curious about it all. i have a great thirst for knowledge. not trying to stir the pot or anything :slight_smile:

VERY rarely does someone bail because of the deposit. I mean like 2-4 times a year. The way I see it, if they don’t want to finalize the reservation with a deposit, then they aren’t sure they’ll actually be there.

Just as rare is someone that gives a deposit and cancels. When they do, its usually a no show no call type deal. We always try to reschedule the client, but a lot of the time it seems they’re too embarrassed to pick up the phone.

We had our first no show of the year last week. Lady was already on the train into the City. Called once to reschedule, with no response.
It was a $200 job, we got $100 for showing up. I’d rather have the other $100 as well and do the work though. Still haven’t heard back from her, but we’re doing her mothers’ house this Thursday so we’ll see what is up then.

Yep, it’s cut way down on the reschedule rate. It forces people to make sure the day they picked really works for them.

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Soap :). Ya I don’t understand the whole deposit thing either. I would feel funny asking also. If it was the norm were people are always canceling then ya , but it’s not . As long as I call a day two in advance an confirm
Back in the days when I did home improvements of course I would need a deposit for materials an labor not laying that out .

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Na man I hear ya ! Wrong choice if words in my post I understand why you guys are getting them.

I just couldn’t do it. I’m good with persuading people to clean even if there reluctant with rain in the forecast or clouds in the sky. So very rarely do I let them postpone . Unless it is a wash out. Or there just dead set against it. I try to take them by the Hand an guide them to the promise land.

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