Describe Why You Like Your Equipment

Unger Nlite poles…
Awesome quality? Yes.
Expensive - yes but for a good reason. The true comparitive cost per metre reduces the longer the pole in relation to other brands. The intial cost of the telescopic section only seems high. Buy a HiMod top (telescopic) 22 foot section. Add standard 11’ carbon modular sections to add affordability if 100% HiMod breaks the bank. Don’t do it the other way round or the pole will be top heavy. The bottom section can even be alu (like the Ettore carbon poles have) if you prefer durability in the hand as all parts are interchangeble diameters.

Hydropower DI. - Brilliantly simple resin change. Built in TDS meter. Resin bags slighly more expensive but worth it. Time is money.
You can still use loose resin however if a few cents matters.

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