Designing Residential Fliers

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well and in good health. I am writing to ask where, how, and what to possibly include in a 1st time residential flyer. What have you found has worked for you? This is the first time I have ever done this…which partially is a good thing, because in Elk City, Oklahoma, where I am located, I haven’t had to do much marketing other than passing out some business cards. After 3.5 years going solo, my brother joined up with me last year. He just recently got an invitation to help with some volunteer disaster relief (mainly rebuilding homes) in the Philippines for 6 months or more. So now we are looking to get more residential clients so he can save up before he leaves in a month. I have been researching and looking on and off for a few days at flyer templates and I just thought…why don’t I ask for some help. Maybe you have a better suggestion for something I might be missing as far as marketing goes instead of fliers…Any and all help would be most appreciated!