Designing Website - Wordpress, WIX, or?

Been searching the past threads and this hasn’t been talked about in a while.

Really need some suggestions here.

Just starting out and money is a little too tight to pay for someone to develop a website for me. I started to design one in WIX, then I read several articles where WIX websites don’t do very well with Googles SEO placement. So I looked around for other options. Seems as though, in the past, a lot of people on here liked developing their website on WordPress. Does this still hold true?

What I think I need:

  1. Easy to navigate web site that gets to the point. (We clean windows. Here’s my call to action. Here’s a ballpark price. Here’s where to schedule.) Note: I really like the “Regular/Large/Custom Sized Homes Price Chart” I see on some peoples web sites.

  2. I want the web site to work on my phone just a easily, or easier. Does WordPress crossover well?

  3. I would like to be able to take Paypal, Credit Card payments online. OR, DO I??? What are the pro’s and con’s to this, if any?

  4. Once business gets going and I can farm these tasks out and I want to be able to do it easily. Part of the reason I stopped working on the WIX website. If I put a lot of time and money into a website I want it to be mine 100%.

  5. Is there anything else that I am missing? I don’t know what I don’t know about this kind of stuff. I can do photo and video editing but up until now haven’t needed to create a website…but, I do now.

Thanks for any suggestions,


See my tagline


I made mine on godaddy (still making rather) it costs $10/month, I bought my domain for $8/year, I have independent email hosting (2 email addresses) for $3/month

I use my website only as a landing platform for potential clients to see that there is a web presence. I don’t care much for SEO as most of my customers come from referrals and I put my website on all marketing piece as well as business cards.

(I’ve had my website for a few years, I got sick of the design so I just have an “under construction” page up at the moment and a contact form so people can still be in touch while I work on the site)

I made mine on Word Press. I could help if you want.

Looks like Wordpress is the quick winner here.
Thanks for the replies everyone.
RSH, I might take you up on the offer.
I work with PhotoShop so if anyone needs help with that let me know.
Thanks again, I will be starting on a web site this week.

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Warning #1

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What’s a back link in this regards? I thought he was allowed to post his website, when talking about his website? I just want to ensure I’m also following all rules.

He has been posting that website all over the forum the past 2 days, which is abuse.
Not to mention, the backlinks aren’t crafted properly, so they’re probably doing more harm than good.