Detailing Helper

I just tried this today and it worked great!

Sometimes you can’t get to a high window by ladder so squeegeeing it by pole is your only option. I usually detail the edges by putting a rag on the end of my 30’ pole and securing it with a hair clip.

But what to do when the height and awkward angle doesn’t allow you to do a proper squeegee job and you end up with a big smudge?

Well today I took a ‘flat ceiling paint pad’ with flexible arm, ($10 at the hardware store)

and wrapped a huck towel around it and secured it with an elastic.

I was able to buff the smudges out no problem. Sure beats retrying to wash and squeegee the window all over again til you do a good job.

The best tool I’ve bought in weeks. Hope it helps others. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention in the above post that I needed to come up with this solution for a store that has displays that come out far from the walls but were taller than me. Originally I had to stand on a ladder and use my extension pole at the same time to horizontally pull. Because of other elements on the displays (lights, etc.) you couldn’t pull it complete in one pass. A real pain.

That was last visit. This visit I knew there would be some detailing issues because of this but it worked out with my new tool. Luckily I only have to do the upper windows twice a year…

I use my Ettore cleaning clamp for just those occasions. I used it today for some high problematic sills. They had weep holes that continued to drip on the glass so I clamped a huck in it and took care of the problem.

I use an Unger FixiClamp with a huck or microfiber cloth for the same purpose.

I was originally going to get a clamping tool like the Unger but when I saw this at the hardware store it really appealed to me. I like the large flat, padded surface. you can really give the glass a good rubbing without fear of the tool scratching the glass at all. Also my supplier wants $30 bucks for the fixi-clamp where I only needed to pay $10 for this tool.

Maybe you and Mr.Squeegee can post pics of your clamping tools and how you fit your towels in it for use, I’m sure others could benefit.

No better or worse – just different.

Excellent. A picture says a thousand words. If my tool ever breaks I’ll keep the fixiclamp in mind.

Is that a Warner brand handle? Thought I’d seen those at Lowe’s…

Name on the handle is SHUR-LINE. I bought it at Rona (Home Depot like store here in Canada.

I’d have taken a pic but it would just look like Larry’s only my clamp is black.

At first glance I thought the handle was a Triumph MK3. It matches my sureline telescoping poles that I picked up at Home Depot.

For pole detailing I use my MK3 (with the cap still on). Slap a dry towel or two over it and wrap with a rubber band.

That’s one option! I have done that as well as just used a hair tie around a detail towel on a pole but…most of the time i use the “Fixi-Clamp”

I use the old hair clip and rag on windy days. (poor man’s fixi-clamp.)

My detailing tool (the subject of this thread) is special in that it has a large, soft, flat surface for instances when you need to buffer out some smudges way up high.

It’s not for every day use.

Every other day?


ive got an unger fixiclamp, i’ll normally just wrap a sponge in a huck and throw it in there. i like it around the sponge because it naturally has that 90 degree angle between surfaces, and can clean the high up sill which is typically really dirty, and then in the future i dont have to worry about the huck getting so gross from touching the sill.

i also keep an unger zero degree in my back sleeve which also holds my scraper. put a huck over the zero degree, change my angle as needed, tighten up, and it runs along the edges really cleanly.