Detailing problem

hello everyone…once in a while when out cleaning windows in shopping centers with overhangs while its raining out I have come across a detailing problem when there is alot of moisture in the air…the areas being detailed smear alot and its pretty time consuming(compared to normal) to get it right…towels,scrims,surgical towels just seem to stay wet and smear instead of dry…I eventually get it right after going through enough towels…even last week using a scrim which works better damp than other products used I was having this problem…also there is a gym where i do window cleaning and in the winter the windows are all fogged up from …umm…not really sure …but anyways the squeegee doesnt remove all of the moisture from the glass leaving streaks and the need for alot more detailing which leads into the smearing problem I just spoke of…I was wondering if anyone might have any idea how to handle this better than I am

It sucks to clean in the rain. Like you said, your just going to have to use more towels than you usually would.
As far as streaks, maybe you need to change your rubber? So much moisture in the air is prob not allowing you to get a clean cut when you start the squeeg… draging along solution. Maybe a little more pressure, maybe a little more fanning. Maybe don’t clean in the rain, lol.

Perhaps wiping the blade (more) often with a sea sponge will help reduce moisture left on the glass.

Sometimes I have an issue with Bleeding from the seals out when cleaning on a humid or rainy day. I either change the trim on my rubber, or hit the edges with a bar towel before I squeegee

Time for waterfed? Brush and forget!

I wipe my squeegee with a sea sponge everytime I take it off the glass (unless I’m using a pole). Seems to work great.

If the windows are fogging up instantly, you should not need to shammy. IMO it messes them up worse. Just don’t get any rundowns :stuck_out_tongue:

Humidity in the air- Stop by central IL for a week!! Florida and other southern state people know what I mean… IA, yea you too…

hit the edges with a bar towel before I squeegee

That’s the way to go in my opinion. If it’s raining or the frames are wet with condensation then use a dry huck towel (I think thats what you call them over there?)… and dry go around the edges before you squeegee. if you are careful to squeegee well then you shouldn’t need to do any detailing afterwards.