Detergent or chemicals with WFP

Is there an in-line means of sending detergent or OneRestore up a WFP? I know Tucker makes an in-line detergent dispenser. I have an Aquaclean trolley system. I’m wondering if I can tie the Tucker dispenser in with my Aquaclean system. I also use a dispensing system with my pressure washer to put chemicals on surfaces I’m cleaning. Can’t help but think there must be some way to do a similar thing with my WFP. Has anyone else tried or accomplished this?

You could use a back pack to deliver the chemicals thru a wfp. If you were using OneRestore I’d get a dedicated pump up sprayer to apply it w/ because the acid would eventually destroy the seals on an electric pump.

If you want to run one restore through a line you need to look up the guy who washed the bio sphere in tucson, az. I think his company name is 5 star window cleaning. great article about a very complex clean. He talked about how the acid ate up the pumps rated for acid. He said it took 2 or 3 days to work out all the kinks

2 weeks ago I pumped one restore thru my RHG backpack, took the hose out of the brush and removed the brush (was cleaning efflorescence off of a slate wall) then zip tied a fan jet to the goose neck. Worked great until my battery died. I didnt charge it the night before. I will be using it this morning, so I hope the pump isn’t shot- doing phase 2 of that same job tomorrow and using the same method.

After my battery died, I used a hand pump sprayer from home depot, the one that is meant for bleach that comes with a little cheapy wand about a foot long? The threading is actually the right size for the female end of a shut off valve for the quick connect, so I just used that to pump up the chemical up a 35’ pole.

By the way, the guy who did the bio-dome is Curt Kempton, his company’s name is 5 star. He is a member here too. Look him up and shoot him a PM. I bet he has the answer you need.