People always post stuff about how a certain company didn’t stand behind their product, or customer service was woefully lacking.

I’m posting the opposite. Four years ago I bought a Dewalt Wet/Dry portable vacuum for my window cleaning business. Friday the hose on it broke, so I contacted Dewalt to see if they had a replacement hose in stock.

Well, this was their response. I am definitely a Dewalt customer for sure.

“Hello Garry,
Thank you for contacting DEWALT®
According to the information provided, your wet/dry vacuum is out of the warranty time frame.
However, we decided to send you a replacement for your hose as a one-time exception.
We have placed the order, and it should be arriving in 2 weeks your address via UPS.”

How many companies do that?


Nice! I use the same vac, just with the added power cord. Once I got the 6ah battery though I never use the outlet.

The ‘blow’ feature on it helps with those fake french doors that like to hold water.

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Gary- thanks for posting! Dewalt guy here because of their drills.

Question for you or @dcbrock what’s the noise level like? Also how’s the run time?

I’m saving for one like you posted, because my current small shop vac is very loud when doing track cleaning. Also, finding outlets can be a pain, especially if using for gutters.

I don’t know the db level, buit it doesn’t seem nearly as loud as a ShopVac. The battery seems to run about 2 hours I think, I have two batteries and just keep them both charged, some huge jobs I have one charging on the job as I am using the other, but those really big mansion type homes are rare. I used to use a corded Dirt Devil that I would have to empty often and was limited to the cord length. the Dewalt is great because on some occasions I can use it on the exterior track area or switch it to blower mode for tough areas.

Showed up on my doorstep yesterday from Stanley Black And Decker.
Funny, I will no longer buy Craftsman which is also owned by the same company. But Stanley and Dewalt have been good choices for me. I guess they haven’t turned Craftsman back to the quality tool it once was.