DI cart

I own a second hand DI cart, it still works good, but I tested it out today and it measured 42 tds. I just put fresh resin in the tank. Its a 2 tank system, only one has a filter. Would the "Tucker fill n go DI filter work as a replacement? Do yo you think the filter is bad? And are these filters a standard thread size? With this tank I pack the resin in, put the filter in and then pack the resin around up to the top. When I used it last year, the tds readings were 0.

so only only one housing contains a filter cartridge?
if your reading is 42 your resin is exhausted OR you are running water through it too quickly.
normally each housing contains a filter cartridge filled with fresh resin. when the reading starts to rise above 0 you remove the first housing and set aside, remove the second housing and move it to the firdst positon, then empty what was the firdst cartridge , refill with fresh resin and put it in the second position.
repeat when tds starts to rise agin.
run only enough water through to acheive good wash and rince NOT high pressure.

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What does your cart look like. I also have two of these, and a 3/4 cubic foot tank—

is it something like this??? Or similar? You mentioned only one has a filter— I am thinking you mean a cartridge right?

LOL, I have used only one filter when the plastic piece on the cartridge broke off and resin flew out of my DI tank and jammed up my water fed pole line. If you need a replacement cartridge you can order them online-- I think they are 15 dollars per unit. I did rotate them (after i replaced the broken cartridge) like DelirousDungo mentions and it does extend the life of a dual-DI system.

After I had these plastic containers break twice on me, I am not really a fan of these systems. I recommend Googling “RV parts sale CRSPOTLESS Riser conversion kit” and there is a website with a guy who makes risers for these units, eliminating the need for plastic LEAKING cartridges-- and increasing your resin capacity quite a bit.

the purpose of the rotation is to ensure lowest tds for volume of water processed. the cleaner the water coming into a resin tank the longer it takes to exhaust the resin. the reason filled with colour change resin changes colour at the bottom first is because that is where the water enters, therefore the resin at the bottom is exposed to dirty water. as the water rises through the resin it becomes clean and therefore the resin at the top does not have any solids to attract and does not consequently does exhaust and change colour.
alternating the tank positions means the last tank before the water goes to glass is the strongest and will provide the cleanest water. if you put the fresh filled resin in the first position it will do all the cleaning. now the scend partially used tank will have nothing to remove and in fact may bleed solids INTO the clean water. i have experienced this with rodi sytem also.
if you are washing dishes using 2 sinks do you use one for wahing and one for rinsing keeping the last water as clean as possible or do you dip the clean dish back into the dirty wash water before drying?
this is also the reason the di comes after the ro in an rodi system, if the di came first the ro would have nothing to do and the di would exhaust quickly.

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