Di/Denatured Alcohol

Can anyone say for sure that Di/ Alcohol will attack tinting? I know that ammonia will that’s why I choose not to use ZEP or Spray away for indoor cleaning… Thanks

Alcohol is a solvent so you have to be careful. It depends on the tint, and what % alcohol the solution is. Some tint is between the panes and is safe from chems. Old tint is the most susceptible to solvents.

I am using 50% and there is no way to tell what kind of tint is on the glass. Being in AZ just about everything is tinted here.

I would never use ammonia in my solution and only denatured alcohol in the bitter cold winter months…

Less complications mean less to worry about like ruining tint on a job with my solution

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Sprayway is ammonia free, says so right on the can.

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