DI- does it remove all chlorine

Please excuse my ignorance but Im still very new at this… Does DI remove all the chlorine out the water? I have a DI in front of my RO and right in front I have a pre- filter (string with a carbon core) I know the carbon will remove the chlorine but that filter needs to be replaced and they say I needn’t use carbon as I have the DI unit…Does this sound right?:confused:

i am di only, and yes it removes everything, i am in a soft water area in scotland with a reading of only 30ppm

I believe your system is backwards. You should have your carbon prefilter first, followed by the RO, and the DI last.

Chlorine is a DI killer! Chlorine is made up of mostly sodium and has a high tds. unless you use well water you should always have a carbon pre filter. City’s and town’s use chlorine to kill bacteria so it is in all town water in one form or another.

I have been using 2 di tanks for 10 years and never had to use a carbon tank. Keep it simple.

Dependig upon your source water’s chlorine level, your DI tanks’ longevity is affected.

I never really understood why they keep putting rat poison in the water (flouride), the excuse was to keep your teeth healthy! But something you should know is that [URL=“http://www.rense.com/general29/bar.htm”]Chlorine & Barium makes rat poison as well.

No Kidding. I didnt ask you a question.

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